Wednesday, 3 April 2013

So, how's the running?

Well part of this blog was to detail my progress as I took up running for the first time, with my aim of running around Lago Dorado at Coronado Springs Resort on our next visit to WDW my motivation.

So after a shaky start this time last year I got motivated and took advantage of working in education and used last years Summer holidays to get into a routine of running three times a week following the C25K plan (Couch to 5K).  And I did really well, I stuck to my goals and by the end of the six weeks Summer holidays I had completed week 6 of the 9 week C25K plan, and even once I returned to work I was still getting out and running as often as I could until early October...

Autumn came along and through a mixture of social commitments, cold and wet weather and darker nights I suddenly found it more and more difficult to find time to go out for a run.  Before I knew it December was upon us and for my birthday Simon bought me some cold weather running gear so I really had no excuse now to get back out there.

So New Year met with new determination and out I set for a run in my new gear, and was pleasantly surprised with myself.  I did better than I thought I would and although I couldn't run for as long as I had been doing I still got out there and gave it my best shot.  A couple of days later I got out for another run and thought I was back on the way to getting into a routine and running regularly again...

But then the British weather took hold!  We have had the coldest and snowiest winter that I can ever remember and conditions just weren't good for getting out and running.
My garden looked like this for what seemed an eternity (actually about  2/3 weeks)
I was also suffering from a chilblain on one of my toes which was making walking, never mind running, extremely painful.  So yet again my running came to an abrupt stop.

I now find myself at another school holiday; two weeks off work!  Now the weather is still awful, apparently it's been the coldest March on record (no kidding!) but I have two clear weeks to get back into that ever so important routine.  So as I write this I am not long back in from my second run in four I say run but to be honest at this point I am back to a combination of running and walking...but at least I am out there and moving!

I have to admit that they haven't been the most pleasant of runs, my cold weather gear has kept me lovely and warm but running in cold air really quite surprised me; really taking my breath away.  Today I was confronted with quite a strong wind which again didn't help matters but two short runs in and nearly 700 calories burnt so I don't think that's too bad.

So although tough going I am pleased that I have got back out there and know that long term I will benefit so much from what I am doing; I shall be fitter, slimmer and healthier.  I am setting myself sensible, attainable goals; I have a 3K fun run planned for 28th April and two possible 5K charity walks coming up.  Simon is also taking part in a 10K on the 28th April as well as our local half marathon in September so I think it's fair to say our house is going to be a lot fitter by the time we take on WDW in August!!

By the way when Simon and I take part in the 10K & 3K on 28th April we will be raising funds for the Make-a-Wish Foundation UK.  Having previously supported the WDW Radio Dream Team Project which supports the Make-a-Wish Foundation in the US we felt drawn to help support their UK counterparts.  You can help us fundraise by visiting our Just Giving page and making a donation - thank you x

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