Sunday, 14 April 2013

Now & addendum!

So I thought I would just add an addendum to my recent series of posts entitled 'Now & Then', which looked at photos taken during some earlier visits to WDW in particular our first visit in 1991 and then those same 'photos' re-created during our most recent visit some twenty years later in 2011.

All the photos posted so far concentrated on WDW...but we also recreated photos taken at Universal Studios, and here are the results!

1991 - Mels Diner
...and 2011

1991 - San Francisco/Fisherman's Wharf area
...and 2011
...and still around the San Francisco and Amity area, this photo was a little trickier to re-create as the 'ped-xing' sign could not be found!
1991 - ah Lemon Squeeze, love that drink!
...and 2011

1991 - Jaws!!!!
...and 2011

and finally in the New York area...
...and 2011

Something I hadn't really appreciated back in 1991 was just how new Universal Studios was, it had only been open just over 12 months when we visited, and although I have enjoyed visiting over the years I am seriously considering whether we will be visiting later this year.  There are a couple of rides I love - Men In Black & The Simpons (although I still prefer the previous incarnation of 'Back to the Future') - but other than that I find I am struggling to find good reason to spend the ticket entrance fee!

And obviously since our first visit back in 1991 Universal has expanded to include Islands of Adventure and Citywalk, both of which certainly add more to the Universal experience. Will we visit this year?  I simply don't this space later in the year to find out!

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