Saturday, 1 June 2013

Lists and More Lists

We have reached about 80 days until our vacation and I am now just about to enter 'list' mode!

I like to be organised and the only way I can do this and be sure that I don't forget anything is to make lists.  I always have a 'to do' list on the go but I now feel the need to start making special holiday lists.

I don't think a day goes by where I don't think about something to do with our could be simply daydreaming about a certain attraction or the more mundane thoughts like 'how many pairs of shorts shall I take?'.

So the more I start to think about vacation related stuff the greater the need to start writing (ok, typing) it all down as I don't want to forget anything!

Now I'm not normally a forgetful person but I do feel the need to mention our vacation to Disneyland back in 2010...although to be fair I didn't forget anything I just had a slight delay in remembering to pack something!!  We were all ready to go, the cars were packed and off we set on our journey to the airport, we had traveled no more than a mile when I suddenly remembered my hair straighteners!  Thankfully we had not yet joined the motorway and simply had to come full circle and take a trip back home - oops!
Me with straighteners 
But a girl couldn't be without her straighteners now could she!!!  And I have never lived it down since...but I do have two pairs of straighteners now, so this shouldn't happen again!

But it does prove my point that making lists is a good idea.  So I currently have a list of things to do prior to our vacation and soon I shall start making lists for the actual vacation, and remember I have a husband and two teenagers to get organised so I need all the help I can get ;)  Although to be fair Simon is as organised as me and as my own personal tech support takes care of all the technical stuff - cameras, i-pods and the like, even today he has ordered a stack of tapes for the video camera :)

So today has seen me with my little black book, an array of guide books and an internet connection, making lists and researching stuff...

...after all, this making of lists is all part of the vacation experience and just adds to the anticipation and helps count down those many to go?...

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