Monday, 14 January 2013

Forward Planning

So here I am sat inside on a snowy Monday afternoon in the UK.  I decided to close pre-school early today because of the snow, and my kids school did the same; typical of the UK we have a few centimetres of snow and the whole world grinds to a stop!!

So with a bit of time on my hands (well I wasn't going anywhere and as much as a run would have been lovely it really wasn't possible in this weather) I got to thinking about warmer climes and future vacations....only 218 days to WDW!!

So using my new Mickey notebook I have started my 'WDW To Do List'.

Christmas present from Simon
Now having been to WDW 7 times before, I consider myself pretty up to speed on attractions (with the exception of brand new ones like those in New Fantasyland of course) but I am very aware that there is lots of other stuff that we have either never managed to squeeze into our vacation or simply weren't practical to do (for example when the kids were younger) or we didn't even know about previously (the world of Twitter, Facebook and Podcasts have increased my awareness!).  So this year I have decided to make a list of all those things that I'd like to do or see that we haven't done before (or done for a long time).

Now this list has only just started and everyone in the family has been instructed to let me know of anything that they'd like to do so that it can be a list for all of us to get excited about and involved with.  It can be anything at all from perhaps insisting on that favourite ride or stopping to take the time to drink in the surroundings.  So far we have;

  • Stopping to look at the Mary Blair mural in the Contemporary Resort
  • Completing all the miniature golf courses
  • Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream Soda Shop
  • Beauty & Beast Stage Show - not done this one in ages
  • Visit to Art of Animation Resort
  • Make an actual ADR (never done one before....I know!!!) 
  • and make it a Signature Dining experience
  • ....oh and I suppose I'd better mention to ride The Tower of Terror - this is for you, Simon and Michelle!!! (I'll just add that I'm not a big roller coaster fan but I have been bullied into doing this ride by the aforementioned individuals!)

Now this is only the start of what I think may turn into a rather long 'To Do' list - what do YOU think I should add to the list?

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