Wednesday, 31 October 2012


As we approach this special time of year I thought I would share what Halloween means to me and share some memories, and wishes.

A friend of mine the other day when discussing this time of year said to me that 'Halloween is as synonymous with me as Disney is'!!  Which kind of surprised me, but it got me thinking.

Over here in the UK Halloween can be frowned up...often talked about in derogatory tones and bemoaned as an 'American' holiday.  Yet in recent years this holiday has become more embraced by the British public and whilst we struggle with the concept of 'Trick or Treating' we love the excuse for a party!

So over the last seven years we have celebrated Halloween in style.  And over the years shops have also embraced this holiday resulting in a greater array of costumes and accessories with which to get 'into the spirit'!!

So it's time to decorate the house, dig out the horror make-up, mix up the cocktails and decide on what this years fancy dress should be.

We have been everything from Vampires, Evil Sorcerers, Mad Scientists, Zombie Doctor & Nurse and even Cruella De Vil but this year....what to be.....perhaps Simon's artwork for our party may give you an idea...

But each year the best thing about Halloween is it gives us a really good excuse to throw a party and hang out with those people we hold dear.  A chance to eat and drink (Simon makes a mean Cosmo!!), catch-up with good friends and if we're really lucky we dust off the old karaoke machine!

But there is one thing that I haven't yet done at Halloween....and it involves a little bit of Disney...I would love to attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in Walt Disney World.  To see the Magic Kingdom dressed up in style, to trick or treat down Main Street, to see the parade and everything else that goes with it!  We came close one year when at the end of our Summer holiday we saw the beginning of the decorations being put up, but that's as close as we've got.

Ah well, gives me something to dream about ;)

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