Sunday, 14 October 2012

Confessions of a Runner!!

Well it's a week since my last running update and I feel the need to write another update....but it's a little tricky to write an update about nothing!

So my confession is that this week I have not been out running :(

The week started off great, a lovely (if hard work) Sunday morning run in the autumn sunshine so my plan was to run on Wednesday, but two things came along.  Firstly that was the night my weekly shop was being delivered and secondly I have contracted my first post-summer cold.  Not to be deterred I thought 'I'll go out at the weekend', so here we are at the weekend and guess what still full of cold.  In fact both Simon and I have been struck down with it and are both feeling rather grumpy and sorry for ourselves and both bemoaning the fact that we can't get out for a run.

So I suppose the good thing is that the desire for a run is there but the energy and health required is somewhat only thought is how hard is the next run going to be once this cold is over with!!!

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