Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Well we've reached a milestone's exactly 300 days until our next WDW vacation - yippee!!

So, what does this mean exactly?  Well, not a lot's just a nice round figure and gives me chance to talk more Disney :)

Now I booked next year's vacation back in April which may seem a little far ahead but I have good reasons.

Firstly we have to go during UK school holidays, so in order to guarantee getting the dates that I wanted, the hotel and more importantly the price I had to book early. Also, it's probably the control freak in me needing to know that everything is sorted!

Secondly it means I have longer to pay for it; going anywhere these days isn't cheap and when you have two children who no longer fit into the 'child goes free' bracket money is a big factor to take into consideration, and if I can ease the burden by paying a bit each month all the better.

And thirdly I just had to get it booked!!!  I knew that it was going to be 2 years between trips so I needed to get it booked to get that Disney fix and have something to look forward to.  After all, part of the fun of a Disney holiday is the build up and the anticipation :)

So let the planning this space as I endeavour to keep you all up-to-date with the latest vacation happenings!

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