Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Back to Reality

Here we are a few days after the end of our short vacation to Disneyland Paris and as ever back to reality with a big bump.

For those who follow my blog you will know that the decision to continue on with our vacation was not an easy one as we had just experienced a family tragedy.  Two days before we were due to travel my mum, unexpectedly, passed as I'm sure anyone can imagine the decision to go away was made with a very heavy heart.

But with the blessing of family and friends we took the vacation that we had been so looking forward to, and although there were moments along the way where we all felt the effects of recent events we managed to enjoy our time away as a family.

Returning home has been hard, as it always is after any vacation, but this time it has been doubly so as we try to come to terms with our loss.

But I have lots of information that I want to share with you about our visit to Disneyland Paris.  I kept a pretty comprehensive diary and at last count we have over 850 photos to go through plus a fair few hours of video footage.  So over the course of the coming posts I shall attempt to go through our vacation; the ups and the downs, the good and the not so good and try to give my own personal view about Disneyland Paris.

I look forward to sharing with you all my experiences.

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