Sunday, 1 February 2015

A week to go...

So it's getting closer...we only have a week to go and we'll be on our way to Disneyland's getting very real now, very exciting and very much needed.

It's funny being a Disney fan I always manage to keep Disney in my life on a daily basis, whether it's following the on-line community on Twitter and Facebook or perhaps chatting with podcast co-host Michelle or looking back over old photos but whatever it maybe Disney is always there. And all that helps when you know that the length of time between trips is going to be much longer than you'd prefer! But now as we edge closer and closer to our trip I realise just how much I miss not going to a Disney resort and just how much more special that makes this and any trip.

The last few weeks have been a bit of a tough time with lots of things not going to plan but everything seems to be sorting itself out now which makes this trip feel even more valuable. It will be time that we get to spend away from the day-to-day life things and time that we'll be able to spend as a family with non of the usual distractions.

My euro's arrived yesterday and I even found some coins that I had saved from our last trip in 2006! I had a sudden, and irrational, panic over passports thinking that perhaps they were out of date, but thankfully I was completely wrong, in fact they are valid for ages yet! I have been nagging everyone to make sure that they know what clothes they want to take so that I can make sure everything is washed and ironed. I don't want the dreaded 'mum where's my favourite t-shirt?' just as I'm packing and be expected to get it washed, ironed and packed in 10 minutes!!!

So I think that we have everything in place....which must mean it's now time to make lists!  This is a must-do for any trip...I think it must be the OCD in me coming out...but I have to make lists of what we need to take with us, what we need to do before we go and what we're going to do whilst we're there of course!

So why I am sat here typing this?? Those lists won't write themselves you know!!

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