Wednesday, 22 January 2014

WDW Summer 2013 - Day 7

Well I thought I would crack on and get another blog post written all about our vacation last August, so here we are Day 7...

Today was to be a day of two ice-cream...

Now for some of us the day started very early..Simon was up and out at 7.00am for a run!  He did really well over the vacation and got up and out quite a few times as he was determined to get some miles in as he was training for his first half marathon which was only a few weeks after we got home.  Being at Wilderness Lodge was great because Simon was able to run from the Lodge to Fort Wilderness, around the camp-ground and back to the Lodge, completing just under 5 miles.

Once Simon had returned we headed off for a hearty breakfast...this was strategic eating as will become apparent later on!  We took things relatively easy and headed over to the Contemporary Resort by way of boat, for a leisurely stroll around, before boarding a monorail to the TTC (Transportation & Ticket Centre) and then onto Epcot.
Boat from Wilderness Lodge to Contemporary Resort - wonder what I was pointing out?!
Walking from the dock towards the impressive Contemporary Resort
Can't resist a photo opportunity, especially if it involves a Mickey!
Once we were at Epcot we had a leave Epcot...OK I'll explain we were actually heading for Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf and had to walk through Epcot to get there.  So we strolled through Epcot, taking in all the sights and sounds.  We made a quick stop at 'Club Cool' for a refreshing drink before heading out through the International Gateway and walking towards the Yacht & Beach Club Resort.  We then walked between the Swan & Dolphin Resorts as we made our way to Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf.
Taking a stroll towards the Yacht & Beach Club Resort

Note what a lovely day it is!!!!

Now, we have a bit of a track record when it comes to playing miniature gold at WDW in that it always seems to rain, but today was a beautiful day and we thought we had finally broken the pattern.  We were all confident that this would be a round of golf uninterrupted by rain...

One pleasant surprise was that the golf was free!  The tickets that we had bought for our vacation, and ones that were exclusive for UK guests, included free rounds of golf every day!  Anyway off we set on our round of golf and as is the norm for us me and the kids played whilst Simon carried the bags and became official sports photographer.

This is serious stuff!!
We were about half way round when it started to come over rather dark, and then we felt a few spots of rain but being British we weren't going to let a little rain stop us!
Is that rain I feel??
We British are always prepared, out came the rain coats
So out came the raincoats and we got on with the golf but just as we reached hole 11 rain, or rather thunder, stopped play :(  A cast member came round and told us that because of the storm we had to stop play. I suppose a game involving metal sticks in a lightening storm isn't perhaps the best idea.  We took shelter and hoped that the storm would pass over...we waited and waited but the storm should no sign of easing and besides we had an appointment to keep!
I think it's raining!!!!
Trying to stay dry!!
As the rain eased we made a break for it and headed over to the Boardwalk where we were to meet our friend Michelle.  Now the rain had eased and the clouds had started to clear but within 15 minutes it all changed again and by the time we set foot on the Boardwalk it was raining again.

So what did we do next?  I think all shall be revealed in my next post...

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