Sunday, 8 September 2013

Back to Reality

Well, we've been home a few days now and the return to reality and normality is in full affect.

We had an absolutely amazing vacation spent in the 'happiest place on earth'; we created some fabulous memories, made new friends and met up with old ones too and experienced some good old Disney magic.

Having returned to our home in the UK by early afternoon last Wednesday we were thrown back into the thick of it by heading off to work and school (for our two children) on Thursday!  And whilst this was a good way to avoid the jet-lag this weekend has seen us all rather alarms for us this weekend just plenty of catching up on missed sleep.

So Monday morning is looming and the beginning of another working week...vacation is over and time to slot back into the normal routine :(

But we have our memories, only today my daughter said 'just think what we were doing this time last week' to which I replied 'I know...Epcot followed by the Magic Kingdom and shopping!'  So to help me through the post-Disney blues I shall be taking you on an adventure through our vacation, letting you know all about what we did, where we went and the magic we experienced.  I shall be letting you in on my thoughts about new attractions and changes, as well as chatting about some classics and favourites.

So please take small children by the hand, move all the way to the end of the row and please stand clear of the doors as I embark on a series of blog posts all about the magic and wonder of a WDW vacation.

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