Monday, 9 September 2013

1 day to go...part 2

So I was thinking that before I start my series of blog posts all about my vacation I ought to go back to my '1 day to go' post and finish off what happened that day.

We had problems that morning trying to check-in online with Virgin Atlantic and so had a late change of plans and decided to try their 'Twilight Check-In' that evening before we flew the following day.  This had meant a quick re-packing to ensure we had sufficient items for an overnight bag at our airport hotel.

Mid afternoon we made our way down to Gatwick airport, about a 3 hour car journey from our home.  We had the usual holdup on the infamous M25 but other than that it was a relatively easy journey.  We drove straight to the airport, got our hold luggage and popped over to see the lovely people at the Virgin Atlantic check-in desk.  Check-in was a dream, it was lovely and quiet and very relaxed and we even had a little joke with the check-in desk staff as they instantly said 'I bet I know where you're going' to which I looked a little confused until they pointed out my Mickey Mouse T-shirt - bit of a giveaway I feel!!  Doing check-in this way meant we had taken some of the stress out of the following day by dropping off our hold luggage which would mean a simple walk through security the following day.

After checking-in we had a short drive to our overnight hotel where we enjoyed a nice meal and a glass of wine before heading off to the land of nod to get that all important sleep before our long day of travelling ahead.

And look what we found in a painting in our hotel room...
Is that a hidden Mickey?

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