Thursday, 28 March 2013

Disney Ink

I spoke a while back about how Disney fits into my every day life, one way being my Disney themed tattoos.  Well I promised at the time that I would talk about my Disney ink in more detail at a later date, so here goes!

After a few years of watching the slue of 'ink' programs on television both Simon and I had become intrigued with the world of tattoos; we both loved the artistry involved and the stories behind the tattoos.  And we began talking about getting our own and what we would have done and why.

My reasoning was very simple - it had to combine the loves in life (family and Disney) as well as be designed by Simon.  The thought of having a piece of his art on my body was a no-brainer as far as I was concerned.

So my first tattoo is at the base of my spine and spans across my lower back with a tri-circle Mickey at the centre; this was designed by Simon, and tattooed by Gray Silva at Rampant Ink Tattoo Studio. It also incorporates Simon’s initials and those of our two children (if you know where to look!)
Disney's Animal Kingdom, Dinoland USA after riding Primeval Whirl, 2008
My next tattoo carried on the Disney theme, once again incorporating the classic tri-circle Mickey at it's centre.  This was designed again by Simon but with help from my tattooist, Rachel Huntington at Rampant Ink Tattoo Studio
Disneyland, Sleeping Beauty's Castle, 2010
My third tattoo is around my ankle and foot and has flowers with tri-circle Mickeys at their centres flowing off an abstract tri-circle Mickey.  This time I took Rachel some designs of tri-circle Mickey’s that I had come across on our previous visit to Disneyland, explained where I wanted the tattoo and that I wanted cherry blossom type flowers as well.  I told her all about ‘hidden Mickey’s’ and love the fact that she was able to get so many into one tattoo; between the main ‘Mickey’, the flower centres and tiny hidden ‘dots’ there are 11 hidden Mickey’s!  I also love the fact that those in the know see the 'Disney' element straight away but for others I have to point it out, and when they realise they are completely awestruck!
Magic Kingdom, Main Street USA, 2011
Now, it is true what they say - once you've had one tattoo you will want more!  I am now thinking about my next tattoo; what to have and where to have it.  It will of course have to incorporate a tri-circle this space ;)

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