Saturday, 27 July 2013

Even rain reminds me of WDW!

So I had a nice surprise the other day upon checking my mailbox (in the pouring rain!) I found my travel documents - yippee!

I wasn't really expecting them till early August so their arrival was a very nice way to start the day, and thankfully I had got to them early in the day as the day proceeded to be very wet and my mailbox is prone to an odd leak or two!

We have been having a bit of a heatwave over here in the UK these last few weeks, which I consider as a chance for us to get acclimatized to the sort of temperatures we will be experiencing in a few weeks time.  And then this week the rain and thunderstorms have taken hold; so there we were coming out of the theatre on Monday evening (we went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert which was absolutely fantastic!) and we were greeted with a very warm evening and light rain to which we both said 'ah this is like being in Florida'.  What we hadn't realised was that whilst we had been inside the theatre we had missed the most spectacular of storms that really would have reminded us of Florida.

Then the following evening I was taking my daughter to karate when the heavens opened, so much so that I had to stop driving because the rain was that bad.  But yet again it reminded me of a trip to WDW.  Back in 2011 I remember one particular evening driving down I-4 (thankfully in a taxi) and it being the most horrendous rain I'd ever seen; this was the view outside Port Orleans French Quarter when we finally got back.  This photo was taken no later than 6pm and you can see just how dark it had become by the fact that all the lights were on!

And back in 2008 whilst staying for 3 whole weeks (ah bliss!) we were lucky enough to experience a tropical storm which left us rather wet at some points..
This however was the car park at the Kennedy Space Centre following the where should we park?!!

We English seem to have an affinity for the rain, it is after all, what everyone always associates with the UK and whilst we do get our fair share of rain we do occasionally have some lovely weather too.  One thing it does mean though is that we always come prepared for whatever the weather and never let a little bit of rain stop us from doing anything.
1996 - Fantasia Gardens miniature golf in the rain

2008 - Epcot - Mexican the rain
Notice that I'm still wearing the same waterproof!
2011 - Disney's Hollywood Studios - taking shelter under Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat, and an excuse to buy pins!
 Notice the new waterproof!
2011 - Disney's Hollywood Studios, outside The Great Movie Ride
So whatever the weather, rain or shine, you can guarantee one thing that we shall be out there enjoying all that WDW has to offer...24 days to go :)

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