Wednesday, 20 February 2013


I think it's confession time...again.  I'd started the New Year so well with a couple of runs under my belt but got stopped in my tracks with the bad weather.  After about 3 weeks of snow, ice and general horribleness I had hoped to get those trainers back on and hit the streets once more....but no :(

Unfortunately I am suffering with a poorly toe, a chilblain in fact brought on by all the cold weather we have had.  And who would have thought that a bit of red skin could cause me so much pain, so much so that the thought of putting shoes on let alone running has filled me with dread.

Now as I type it is feeling a lot better and I am hoping that as the evenings begin to get lighter and providing the weather starts to pick up I may actually be able to get out soon for a run, so keep your fingers crossed for me and hopefully my next running update will actually be about running!!

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