Monday, 18 January 2021

And it's Monday

Day 296...

Another Monday has rolled around and started with the usual grocery shopping collection from our local supermarket of choice.

Once everything had been put away we decided to take a walk out a bit earlier than normal and managed another 4.25 miles in just under an hour and twenty minutes.

The afternoon saw me get a few household chores completed while Simon disappeared into the garage to cast a few helmet parts as he'd had an order come in.

Really seem to be struggling at the moment. And I know we are all in the same boat but for some reason I'm beginning to feel the strain of it all. Even though we are doing our best to keep active and get out for walks and find things to do the 'no end in sight' is now quite draining, and I wonder how long we, as a society, can keep this going. I can't even contemplate beginning to plan for anything as I have no faith that whatever is planned will ever come to fruition. 

Disneyland Paris has now announced that it will no longer be re-opening in February as planned but is now looking at the 2nd April as a possible date. I know from social media that people had made bookings for late February and March and they will now have to go through the hassle of moving their dates or getting refunds...and probably not for the first time in these past 10 months or so.

So as Simon had been in the garage for an hour or so this afternoon with the heater on, he decided to take advantage of the slightly warm space and use the garage for it's other purpose...the gym! I on the other hand decided to start on my next jigsaw and as predicted it's a Disney one with a Christmas theme!

I have managed to get all the straight edge pieces sorted out but that's as far as I've got least it will give me something to do!

Take care out there.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Sunday, Sunday

Day 295...

And we have Sunday and as seems to be the theme to this weekend it was another very slow and steady start to the day.

I had the usual job of updating my online grocery order ready for collecting tomorrow. Simon has continued with the electronic components of his R2D2 build on and off throughout the day; he is figuring out where to install all the necessary switches and cables for the lights and sounds inside the dome in a way that will still enable the dome to move.

I decided to have a bit of a re-sort of my wardrobe. Having had new wardrobes back in September and having lived with them for a few months I decided that I needed to move things around. So it was a case of emptying sections of cupboards and drawers and then deciding the best places for them to go back.

Mid-afternoon we took a walk out and decided to go visit my dad. He only lives a mile away so it was a quick walk there and back but we had to dodge around all the other walkers; and yet again we've never seen so many people out and about, but as I've said before - what else can people do at the moment?

Once home I finished re-organising my wardrobe before settling down for an hour or so of our regular Disney quiz hosted by the Disney Dream Girls podcast I co-host. It was good fun as always to check-in with our regular group and attempt to answer some questions; didn't do too badly this week as I think I came second!

Another day, another Sunday done. Take care out there.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Yay it's the Weekend!!

Day 294...

And we have reached the weekend...again!

Now normally January can be a bit of a rough month, the downer after the festive period, the month when the excesses of Christmas are being felt and often results in a lack of money to spend and therefore a lack of things to do. And guess what January is turning into another month of same old, same old and it's all getting to be a bit tedious and boring.

So no alarm set this morning meant a very slow start to the day with my motivation feeling severely depleted, and having no idea what to do today.

After finally moving and getting a couple of odd jobs done around the house we headed out for a walk. We managed just over 4 miles in just over an hour. We bumped into a neighbour of my dads, and someone I had grown up with, and it was nice to stop and have a chat for a few minutes or so. Once again we noticed how busy it was out and about walking...but then again what else can people do?

Simon has been tinkering around with his R2D2 build off and on all day; he has been spending time getting all the electronic components working and is now figuring out how to install all the necessary switches and cables into the dome part of the build.

And there we are another Saturday almost done. Just time to eat the keto bread I've just made, make something for dinner and settle down to watch this weeks episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.

See y'all tomorrow. Take care.

Friday, 15 January 2021

Meeting Online

Day 293...

Last day of the working week today and another day split into two halves.

This morning was another working from home morning with a mixture of emails, continuing with updating our safeguarding policy and attending an online 'leaders and managers' meeting.

I must admit I am liking having these sort of meetings online. I don't have to drive anywhere; there's no worry about getting parked or having to pay for parking; I have access to decent coffee; no sitting in a draughty room waiting for everyone to arrive; no sitting through the usual 'housekeeping' duties for the venue; no having to make small talk with people I don't know and am not likely to see again for at least three months...if ever; no having to do random tasks. Plus I can continue working up until the minute the meeting starts; I can carry on working through any boring bits!; any relevant documents and links can be shared and accessed instantly rather than relying on my scrappy notes and so all in all a much better use of my time and I would guess the person delivering the meetings time as well.

For the afternoon I actually went into work for only the second time this week. An afternoon of more emails, admin and banking; all pretty straight forward.

Once home I had a few more work things to catch up on; a butchers order to place online and a new exercise mat to order.

And that was today!

Take care out there.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Slightly Snowy Thursday

Day 292...

Well I think this is going to be a short post today as I really haven't done very much.

This was my other non-working day of the week (I only do a three day week) and surprisingly I had nothing planned (note the heavy sarcasm intended here!).

The morning was spent catching up on some of my personal admin and some household chores and by late morning the rain had turned to snow and by lunchtime it was starting to settle. As Simon broke for lunch we decided against our usual walk because of the weather; just too wet, cold and very slushy underfoot.

The snow continued until early afternoon but never really amounted to much. When I jumped online with my friend and podcast co-host, Michelle, I discovered that where she lives they had proper snow, so much so that the school where she works had called a 'snow day'.

So we had a little catch-up before we recorded this weeks Disney Dream Girls show. We chatted with friend of the show Seth Kubersky who writes for 'The Official Guides' series of books and is able to get to the Florida parks a couple of times a week. It was lovely to chat with him and find out what it's like to visit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios at the moment.

After recording I grabbed the last of the daylight and finally managed to finish my latest jigsaw...

...I think I may need to find another one to do...only ones I have though are Christmas themed ones...Oh well, never mind, they will have to do!

The day was finished off with a little trip to the 'gym'...well, for Simon anyway. While I just stuck to some light weights and my bodyweight exercises; second time this week so getting back into the swing of it slowly!

Another day done, stay safe out there.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Work Day Wednesday

Day 291...

Well today was another day split in two; but both halves were spent working.

This morning was spent at home working; I had some cashflow projections to complete as well as making a start on re-writing our safeguarding policy. Thankfully we have a model policy to work from and then adapt...unfortunately it's 56 pages long!

Then this afternoon was spent actually in work for the first time this week. An afternoon of catching up, ordering some supplies, updating accounts and de-cobwebbing the room. We have a rather high ceiling and having been reminded by my deputy I took my extending duster in with me to try and get as many cobwebs down as possible - oh the glamorous side of childcare.

Once home I made an attempt at completing some more of my current jigsaw and although I did get a few pieces into place the combination of a very grey day and lots of dark pieces meant all I could really do was sort a few more pieces and hope that I have better light tomorrow.

And I think that's where I will leave it for today as there really isn't anything else to report. Another routine day, doing the same old, same old and I don't think that's going to be changing any time soon!

Take care out there.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

A Day of Two Halves

Day 290...

So this morning was spent working from home. Due to the reduced number of children attending pre-school at the moment and having got this afternoon booked off it seemed sensible to take the option to work from home which meant a few hours spent on emails, banking and admin tasks.

At lunchtime we went out on one of our walks, completing a couple of miles in just under an hour. As we set off we came across an elderly couple sat on the bench in front of where we live. They were sat enjoying the sunshine with a flask of coffee and something to eat and as we passed by and said 'Hello' the lady responded with a quirky comment along the lines of 'oops shouldn't be sat having a drink!!'.

This was of course in reference to the numerous stories over the last couple of days about members of the public being fined for sitting on benches and being accused of 'having a picnic' for daring to walk with a coffee in hand. We simply responded with a chuckle and told them to enjoy themselves and the sunshine, and remarked how ridiculous it all was at the moment.

We then headed into the next village and were very aware of the number of people walking about, especially the number of them that had a coffee and then as we glanced into the local park how almost every bench had people sat on them. I think this is the British way of saying 'screw you'; you're not stopping us from enjoying the outside with a coffee especially as we are not doing anything to hurt anyone. It did make me smile!

After we got home and armed with a coffee I decided to see how much more of my current jigsaw I could get completed. Unfortunately the light was not on my side and as I was completing the night sky element of the picture I had to stop when the light began to fade; the pieces were too dark and too similar to each other to continue...perhaps tomorrow it may get completed.

I decided to get my self back on track with my exercises this evening as I'd become very lax since well before Christmas. Simon headed down the 'gym' while I stuck to a few light weights and mainly bodyweight exercises. I didn't do a lot but it was a start and that's the important thing...getting started.

Take care out their and enjoy your coffee wherever you like!!

Monday, 11 January 2021

Hello Monday!

Day 289...

So another week and another Monday.

My usual non-working day of the week and it started as most Monday's do with a trip to collect my online grocery shop.

Simon has been busy making Mandalorian helmets over the weekend and we had one to drop off local and three others to send out by post. So it was a case of packing up, weighing and working out postage costs. We have definitely seen an increase in prices especially when sending overseas and we had two to price up for sending to the US.

Once we had those sorted and all the shopping put away we decided to go out for a walk and although chilly and a little rain at times it didn't stop us completing 4.2 miles in one hour and seventeen minutes. Not only did the walk 'blow away the cobwebs' it also gave us chance to chat and put the world to rights, because what else are we going to do?!

The afternoon was spent working on my jigsaw...and I am pretty please with the amount I've been able to complete in just a couple of hours!

And there we have another Monday, a quiet day again because we simply cannot do anything or go anywhere. There are reports of people sitting on benches being fined, of having a coffee while out for a walk being deemed to be a picnic and therefore not allowed and of others being fined for being out twice in one day...I am at a loss for what our supposedly civilised society is turning into. 

Stay safe out there.

Sunday, 10 January 2021

Another day and it's Day 288

Day 288...

Wow, day 288...who would have thought way back in March last year that I would still be writing these daily posts.

The idea was to write a post a day as a way to capture what was happening during the 'pandemic' that was gripping the world and throwing us all into a state of fear and confusion.

Today has been a tough day for me, not sure why. Perhaps I'm just mentally tired and worn down with all that is happening. Molly is spending this lockdown with her fella and so will be away from home for who knows how long and I think that has hit me a bit today. I don't have any problem with Molly being away from home, with her staying with fella (he is so lovely and they obviously adore each other) and all I want is for her to be happy, but I do miss my partner in crime and as a hormonally challenged woman I find myself rather emotional.

We are all having to deal with yet another lockdown but I will admit to feeling rather tired of it all now. I am a very pragmatic sort of person, I will deal with whatever comes my way and try not to worry about things I have no control over but this is all starting to feel like too much. I have tried to keep away from social media and news today as I know I am feeling rather fragile and just need to avoid anything that is going to make me more frustrated, angry, disappointed and feeling powerless.

So the day has been a quiet one. The usual online grocery shop was completed. Simon has been making helmets (I currently have four sitting in my kitchen!), making some adjustments to his 3D printer and assembling some more R2D2 parts. I have also made some progress on my latest jigsaw.

And the day was finished off with our usual Disney Dream Girls Disney Quiz via Zoom. I had the task of setting some questions on the live action version of Mulan. Simon and I had watched the movie earlier in the week and had really quite enjoyed it and I had planned to re-watch it again to note down some questions. As it was we decided to play a game of Villainous last night and so while we played Simon put the movie on the TV with the sound off and subtitles on and was able to come up with the questions for me! We had a lovely hour chatting Disney and more; a nice and much needed distraction.

Take care of yourselves,

Saturday, 9 January 2021

Another Weekend

Day 287...

So we have another weekend roll on by, another weekend with no where to go and nothing much to do...back on the rinse and repeat rollercoaster of life.

Inevitably this led to a rather slow and steady start to the day, with no real impetus for us to get up and moving. Molly is back to having her guitar lessons via Zoom, as are her karate classes, so life continues inside the four walls of our house and by staying 'local'.

Simon has been tinkering on and off throughout the day with his R2D2 build, getting more of the smaller parts into place. He's also completed some minor repairs to his 3D printer. When he bought the printer he went for a cheaper model as he didn't want to spend a lot of money and then find he didn't use it. He had to assemble the printer himself and even had to 3D print parts for it and it has lasted him really well, it's been used extensively for the past few years and along the way he has become rather handy at keeping it working.

Mid-afternoon we took a walk out over the fields in the sunshine...the rather chilly sunshine and the very muddy and squelchy fields; thank goodness for our wellies!

We did notice quite a lot of people out walking today and I must admit the devil inside of me wanted to ask everyone if they were staying 'local'! And on our walk back we bumped into my brother...well I say 'bumped into' he was actually driving home and just happened to spot us and so stopped for a quick chat. Scarily this was the first time I've seen my brother in I can't remember when and he only lives a couple of miles away - how ridiculous and awful is that and all because of the current situation.

So whatever you may be doing, wherever you are, stay safe.

Friday, 8 January 2021

Staying Local

Day 286...

So here we are at the last day of my working week and it was another cold day with a light dusting of snow. The weather app on my phone had said snow was forecast for most of the night so I was hoping for a snow day but it was not to be.

Work was fairly steady with the usual bits of admin and we still have lower numbers of children attending than what we were expecting, which is a direct result of the lockdown and parents not knowing what to do for the best. There is lots of concern within the early years sector as to why we have been told to stay open while schools have closed along with long term financial implications and whether we will get the funding from government that we so deserve.

As we find ourselves a few days into 'lockdown 3' the talk turned to where we can go outdoors to exercise. I am very fortunate that I live in a small village and have numerous footpaths to roam literally on my doorstep. But we have noticed a significant increase in the number of cars parked in the village; people travelling to us and then setting off on walks.

But today we heard of a local country park that has been turning people away because they are not considered to be 'local'. Now this park is only a few miles away from me and I have always considered it to be 'local' to me but apparently because I don't live in the same borough council I can't visit it anymore. Reports are that police were in attendance and were turning people away and issuing fines where they saw fit. This is such a shame; there have even been reports of people who live within walking distance, but live in a different council area, being turned away and told they are not allowed to visit. It would appear that there is no legal definition of what 'local' means and this would seem to be causing confusion and irritation. 

And this is not the only country park, there have been others reported across the region where I live. These country parks are often expansive and are the ideal place to get out, have a change of scenery, get some exercise but at the same time maintain all social distancing. This draconian approach feels very wrong and quite oppressive. I am sure that the police have much better things to be doing with their time and resources other than guarding the entrance to these parks.

It does make you wonder where all of this is going and whether our civil liberties will be completely restored after all of this. We seem to be doing so badly with this virus compared to other countries and we keep having lockdown after lockdown imposed but nothing seems to have an affect on those all important figures that are reported to us each day. So what is it that we are doing wrong? And whenever it is questioned we (the public) get told to do more or that we're not doing enough and all the while businesses suffer and our freedoms crumble. I am sure there are people out there that are not abiding by the 'recommendations' but I think the vast majority of us are, or at least are trying our best to do as we are being told yet all the time it feels like we are being 'told off' for not getting it right, that we are the scapegoat, or the excuse, for things not getting better.

It is a depressing circle of events that seems to be spiraling downwards with no end in sight.

Take care.

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Frosty & Cold

Day 285...

Today was my only non-work day of the week for this week and I was very glad to be staying indoors in the warmth as it was rather cold and frosty today.

Although I did nip outside to take a few photos because everywhere looked so pretty. But I don't think we got out of minus temperature figures today.

My morning was taken up with a few odd jobs; ironing, updating some information online, dusting and a little prep work ahead of podcast recording this afternoon.

Simon and I decided to take a walk out across the fields at lunchtime managing a very chilly couple of miles in about 40 minutes. It was cold, very frosty and quite foggy.
Usual beautiful view was completely 'fogged out' today
Chilly sheep, at least they have lovely warm coats!!
After thawing out and armed with a hot coffee I jumped online with my podcast co-host Michelle to record a couple of Disney Dream Girls shows; one for our Patreon supporters and the other our regular show which will be out on Sunday.

I then I decided to enjoy another coffee and to start on a new jigsaw; it was a Christmas present and is suitably Christmas themed. I've managed to get the outside completed with just one piece missing so it's time to start sorting and hope I find it. At least I'm going to have the time to do it over the next few weeks! If it's anything like lockdown one I may get quite a few jigsaws completed!

Take care out there.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Day 284

Day 284...

So another day at work and I think today was technically the first day of lockdown number three.

A fairly standard day at work with not much to report. We have lower than expected numbers of children attending as some parents have opted to not send their little ones which is understandable. I think it is a very confusing time for a lot of people; why are nurseries and pre-schools open but schools are shut?

We are being scared by big numbers and one-sided reporting yet this lockdown is still not as strict as it was back in March and April of last year. When we went into that lockdown almost everything stopped, I remember taking walks out or driving to collect my grocery shop and everywhere was eerily quiet. But today driving the short distance to and from work was not that different to normal. Yes passing the local secondary school this morning was much quieter but the main motorway that I drive over was as busy as it has been recently. On the way home I encountered a traffic queue where I wouldn't normally and although the local primary school was quieter there were definitely more people around than back in lockdown one. So numbers are worse than last time but the response is weaker? Like I said all very confusing.

But back to normality and once home I had a butchers delivery to organise. During the first lockdown I started using an online butchers to order our meat as it was easier, better quality and cheaper for buying in bulk. So today I received 5kg of chicken, 3kg of steak mince, 2.7kg of bacon, 100 sausages, some packs of burgers and a few sirloin steaks. All of which needed bagging into meal sized portions and then putting in the freezer; one of those jobs that always takes longer than you think it should. But now it means we have lots of lovely keto and low carb and carnivorous meals to look forward to.

But as I type this we have confirmation that the lockdown here has been retrospectively approved by parliament and meanwhile in the US Trump supporters are storming the capitol building in what some are reporting as an attempted coup. What has our world come to at the moment? In the UK our freedoms are being eroded and in the US they are trying to destroy their democracy - and we thought 2020 was a horrible year, 2021 hasn't started that great!

Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, please stay safe.

Tuesday, 5 January 2021

Lockdown 3...

Day 283...

And we are back in lockdown...lockdown number 3...just wish I could come up with a catchy tag line for it, although don't sequels tend to get worse the more they do?!

Well technically the lockdown starts at 0:01 past midnight tonight...or rather tomorrow...despite the inference from the message delivered by our Prime Minister last night that it was immediate. And apparently it has to be voted on in parliament but that can't happen until tomorrow by which time we will already be in it - confused yet?

And then add into the mix that pre-school's and other early years settings can continue to open but schools must close (except for children of 'critical workers' or those who are vulnerable)...but if you are a school nursery looking after the same age groups as say a pre-school you can make your own determination as to whether to open or not. Okay so is that not one rule for one and one rule for another? See I'm still confused!

Well my work day was pretty much a standard work day; plenty of admin to catch up on being only the second day back after the Christmas break and the first day touching the admin side of things. We had a few parents who have decided not to send their children into pre-school because of the lockdown and that is completely understandable.

I do feel at the moment like I am living in a very strange world where the only word I'm 'allowed' to believe and follow is that of the government and the mainstream media...the media that is being controlled by an Ofcom edict that says they are only allowed to report the government's mantra and not present any opposing argument. Freedom of speech anyone? Is this not censorship? Therefore by inference if I dare suggest an alternative view point I am chastised or made to feel like a complete outsider. Why do I feel that it is wrong to question the narrative that we are being fed? Why should I be made to feel this way? Is it wrong to worry that the measures we are being put under feel more and more draconian as time goes by? Other more authoritarian countries don't seem to be going to the extremes that we are. 

I am not denying that we are in a particularly unusual time and that there is a horrid virus out there, that for some it is extremely horrible and for others, unfortunately, has been even worse. There is no denying that at all. But has it it being...handled in the best way? Has the full cost of lockdown been taken into consideration; the effect on the economy, the effect on small businesses, on the arts, hospitality and travel industries, on the rates of domestic violence, on child abuse, on suicide rates, on mental health, on deaths by other illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, missed treatments or reluctance to 'bother' our health service. There are so many unanswered questions for so many people and while there are people out there trying to ask those questions and are researching and delving into the science they are not getting the voice they deserve. 

I don't know who is right and who is wrong but surely we should be able to hear all sides of an argument before we decide blindly who to follow but all we seem to get at the moment is the one argument that those in power want us to hear.

I am sure there are those who read this will think I have lost the plot for not following blindly everything we are told. But all I am advocating is looking a bit further than the end of your nose, taking the time to read, and accept, more than the same old news source everyday, to expand your knowledge and horizons and not be so blinkered. To accept that opinions and knowledge can change, and should change as evidence is presented and that it's okay to admit that view points once held were maybe not quite right and that you have changed your mind when presented with other, more solid evidence.

At the end of the day all we need is transparency; information to back up the narrative on all sides. Surely the more we know, the better we can understand and the greater we can trust those in power. 

I want to believe that those in charge know what they are doing and know why they are doing what they are doing but as their plan changes from day to day, and hour to hour it becomes increasingly difficult to trust what we are being told. Treat us like the intelligent (or semi-intelligent) adults that we are and tell us it warts and all; the more we know the greater the chance that we will follow the rules or whatever it may be that we need to do to get out of this hole and get our lives back.

At the end of the day all we want is what we had this time last year; the freedom to live the way we want to live, to go where we want, when we want and how we that really too much to ask, or hope, get our lives back?

Whatever you are doing, wherever you maybe, take care and hopefully we can all get through this together and let's hope we can all come out the other side stronger, and perhaps changed for the better.

Monday, 4 January 2021

Here we go again!!

Day 282...

And it was back to work today, and we had an Inset Day which meant that while the staff were in and working we had no children in attendance.

The work day was spent sorting out storage. We had two new container units erected before we broke for Christmas and so today was all about fitting all of our equipment, resources and furniture inside them. I then had a number of emails to send, a few to follow up on as well as a little banking to catch up with.

We collected our grocery shopping a little later than normal today to allow for me being at work today when normally Monday would be one of my two non-working days.

The rest of the day has been filled with chatter and speculation regarding the Covid crisis; are we going into a new tier system? Will all of England be in Tier 4? Or will we be in a national (England) lockdown? Scotland this afternoon announced that they would be heading into a legally enforceable national lockdown as from midnight with all schools being closed - is it me or does this sound a little like martial law? Since when have we, here in the UK, had our civil liberties so drastically infringed? I'm all for doing my bit for the greater good but at times it is now feeling a tad heavy handed.

So we await further information from our Prime Minister this evening...and then we await the fallout. How will this affect us all? Will we still be able to go to work? What will be happening with schools? Will they make any reference to my sector, the early years, or will we be expected to make it up as we go along? How much notice will we be given until this all takes affect? So many questions and I'm not convinced that we will be any the wiser after the announcement.

So I am off to hear what has to be said and I will check in again tomorrow with my thoughts.

Take care out there,

Sunday, 3 January 2021

Christmas Lights Away

Day 281...

Well another quiet day and the last day of my Christmas break.

After updating my online grocery order the main focus of the day was to take down our outdoor Christmas decorations and lights. So we had candy cane lights, Christmas tree shaped lights, door wreath, small trees, baubles in trees, a swag, multiple strings of lights and three blow molds all to disconnect and store for the next 11 months.

I did decide to leave some of the string lights up in our back garden as these are just plain lights that go down each side of the garden and into a couple of bushes. I think these will brighten up in the garden but by leaving them on static rather than twinkly mode they won't look like Christmas lights.

Back in the warmth it was time for a little Disney research prior to recording this weeks show with my co-host Michelle for the Disney Dream Girls podcast. We chatted about some news and history as well as looking forward into 2021 and what maybe coming new to Walt Disney World. Hopefully the Disney parks will be able to carry on with their plans for new attractions and begin to open up more as we move forward and, fingers crossed, we begin to get a control of this virus situation.

Not long after recording it was time for this weeks Disney Quiz via Zoom. I was tasked with writing the questions this week and they were supposed to be all about the new live action version of Mulan, however as I haven't yet seen the film I had to come up with something different. I'd hoped to get the movie watched at some point last week but the time seemed to have escaped me. But having played so many board games the last few days I decided to use some of the questions from the Disney Trivia game as this weeks questions which worked really well. But next week it will be questions on Mulan so I really need to find the time to watch the movie.

And that is where my Sunday draws to a close, as well as my break from work. We are back to work tomorrow and while there are calls for schools to close and further, tougher lockdowns, we will be back until the powers that be tell us otherwise.

Take care out there.

Saturday, 2 January 2021

Tidy Up

Day 280...

Well yesterday's post was so late I think it was technically posted today...just after midnight in fact.

Our day yesterday had been very chilled and relaxed, we had been out for a muddy and squelchy walk (very pleased with my new welly boots), Simon had tinkered with the electronics in his R2D2 and after a lovely roast beef dinner we had settled down for an evening of board games.

Molly won the first game of Disney Trivia, we had a few mini games of 'Heads Up' and then we got stuck into the Game of Life - Disney's Haunted Mansion version which took us a lot longer than I think we had anticipated but I did manage to win it!

Today has been another steady day and reluctantly we took down the Christmas decorations which I hate. Now I don't mind the physical activity of taking them down and putting them away but it's the emotional aspect.  
A rather appropriate Mickey drawn by Simon, on this day 10 years ago, as part of his
365 Mickeys project
I do love Christmas and all that goes with it and always look forward to getting everywhere decorated at the end of November each year and seeing it all disappear feels very melancholic to me. It signifies that the festivities are over and that work is just around the corner along with the cold and relatively boring month of January. I suppose this year with things being as they are it grates even more so when no end to what we are going through can be seen.

But we have been able to get everything taken down, packed away and put back in the loft in just a few hours this afternoon. We have yet to put away our outside lights and that will be a job for tomorrow I think. And as we had snow this afternoon it seemed quite appropriate to leave out the lights in the snow.
Tiki in the snow with tinsel of course!

Love these blow molds, will be sad to see them put away
Well it's been a productive day if a little emotional for soppy old me. I think we may have another board game to play tonight. This time it's one we've not played before and one that I bought just as we went into the first lockdown back in March...Disney's Villainous...I will report back tomorrow as to how it went.

Take care wherever you may be and whatever you may be doing.

And a Brand New Year

Day 279...and a brand new year.

And this is going to be a very late post fact it's so late it may have to wait until tomorrow!

Suffice to say it's been a chilled out day...there's been food, a walk, more R2D2 building and more board games...and I even won!

So take care and I'll check back in tomorrow.