Sunday, 17 October 2021

Day 578

Day 578...

After a busy week Sunday has rolled around and it has been a lot calmer than the last few days. We still had our weekly grocery shopping to collect as usual but with that done we had the day ahead of us.

Simon has an art commission that he is working on and is hoping to get completed sooner rather than later so he took some time out to put in a little more work. I decided to get on top of the laundry and managed to get up to date with the ironing.

Molly and Dan headed off down south around lunchtime; Molly will spend the next week at Dan's before returning home for a couple of weeks before she makes the big move down there at the beginning of November.

And with Molly and Dan on their way and Ethan on his way home from his friends wedding we suddenly realised that for the first time in almost twenty months we had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours - weird!

Mid-afternoon we took a trip into Nottingham and grabbed a coffee while we waited for Ethan's train to arrive. He'd had a good night away although I think he was glad to be home as I think the three trains and a bus to get home had wiped him out.

And for the first time in a fair few weeks I hooked up online with my fellow Disney nerds as we had our Disney Dream Girls Disney quiz meet-up! As lives are getting back to 'normal' we have found that getting us all to be free at the same time is getting trickier...never mind the time difference between here in the UK, Germany, California and Canada! And so today it was more of a chance to catch-up rather than partake in a quiz.

And I think that's where I'll leave it for today. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 16 October 2021

Day 577

Day 577...

Another busy day and another Saturday.

This morning our job was to get Ethan into Nottingham as he was meeting a couple of friends and catching the train to head up north for a friends wedding. He has a night away on his own for the first time and will be returning at some point tomorrow.

We had a errand to run on the way home that will become apparent very soon!! But arriving home we bumped into a couple of our elderly neighbours and spent a few minutes catching up with them and letting them know about Molly's new car as we have a shared garage and parking space.

Just as we arrived home so did Dan as he'd taken Molly over to her kickboxing school as today was the first part of the black belt seminar that they hold each year for those about to take their black belt grading. As Molly is already a black belt she attends the seminar to help those who are about to grade, and it is part of the responsibility that comes with being a black belt. The seminar lasted for three hours this afternoon and in a few weeks time the grading will take place which lasts for five hours, and although Molly won't be grading she will be attending to assist.

While Molly got all sweaty I toiled over the laptop keyboard as I had my online grocery shopping to update, a newsletter to write for pre-school, an email to compose and updates to pre-school's online learning journal to complete. And with that all done it was time to head out to go and pick Molly up from kickboxing.

So me, Simon and Dan jumped in the car, collected Molly and then headed over to the car dealer where we had been yesterday to collect her very first car! Molly was then able to drive herself and Dan back home while we followed behind. We stopped by my dad's on the way home so Molly could show off her car!

How snazzy is that for a first car?!

And all that was left to do today was to make keto pizza and settle down for an evening in front of the TV.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, 15 October 2021

Day 576

Day 576...

And we have reached the end of the working week for me and it was a Friday. And a Friday with a full day in work.

So as all my Fridays in work are I have a day split between a morning 'working the floor' which means having direct interactions with the children which most of my working week does not usually have. I then had an hour or so to catch up on any admin bits that I could. We have an old mobile phone that I was attempting to upgrade to a sightly less old phone and as always with technology things take longer than you expect them to. I managed to get the new 'old phone' working but then discovered that all the contacts were not saved to the SIM card but to the phone memory which means that I am probably going to have to manually input them all...whoop! Although I have had another couple of ideas which might get us round the issue but that will now be a job for later next week.

I have a busy few days coming up at work as we enter the last week before our mid-term break. Lots of registers to sort, invoices to issue, wages to pay, contracts to amend, funding data to input and accounts to produce as well as a lot of other bits and pieces. It's going to be a busy last week at work.

Getting home I had just enough time to change out of my work clothes, down a few mouthfuls of coffee and scoff one of Molly's snickerdoodle cookies that she'd made yesterday before heading out the door. Me, Molly and her fella, Dan, headed over to a local second hand car dealer to look at a car that we'd found online.

As Molly had passed her test on Monday and has plans to move in with her fella she now needs a car to get all her plans into place. The car we had found was at the top end of her budget but the insurance was one of the lower quotes she had been able to get. It is a fun little car; bright colour, retractable roof, snazzy seats and more. And although we weren't able to get the price down any further we are pretty pleased with the deal we have got as there has been work done to the car recently that should keep it going for a while yet. So with a deposit left this evening we just have the insurance to sort before collecting it tomorrow afternoon! All very exciting!

When I finally arrived home for a second time today it was straight onto the laptop to chat with my fellow podcast co-host, Michelle, to record this weeks Disney Dream Girls show. We had missed a week last week because we both lead such busy lives so it was nice to chat and reconnect over some Disney chatter.

And while I chatted Molly did some prep work for dinner so that as soon as I finished recording I could start cooking...and while the keto moussaka is cooking in the oven I have used the time to write this that is multi-tasking!

See you all tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Day 575

Day 575...

And we have another Thursday and another day of two halves and another busy day.

My morning was spent in work and was spent with my deputy manager going over all things managerial! We had a couple of risk assessments to go through along with plans going forward for staffing, the curriculum and Christmas!!

The afternoon was spent at home and was my chance to catch up on a load of stuff that I felt I was behind on this week. I have a load of tasks that I need to get done before the end of next week as it's our last week of term and as my time this week seems to have disappeared I wanted to get on top of things. Just a chance to re-organise, write emails, newsletters and more. I was also able to get a few loads of laundry done as well as a pile of ironing. So all in all a productive day.

Molly's boyfriend has arrived today for the weekend a little earlier than planned which meant a little belated birthday celebration for him. Molly had baked a cake and some cookies and we had the customary giving of gifts.

And now it's time to enjoy a slice of the aforementioned cake with a cup of tea and this weeks RuPauls Drag Race UK.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Day 574

Day 574...

Well it has been a Wednesday and I am writing this quite late in the day so I think this will be a quick post!

Today at pre-school we have had what is called an 'Inset Day' this is a day that we take as educators to either complete training or,as was the case today, have chance as a whole team to come together and plan.

The main focus of the day was to ensure that the team had chance to collate all the information relating to their ongoing teaching and plan ahead for the next few weeks. My curriculum manager was also able to plan ahead for the remainder of the academic year so that we know what topics and areas of the curriculum we will be covering and when. We also had chance as a team to chat about upcoming events like our Halloween Fun week, our Christmas fundraiser, Christmas concert and our children's Christmas party!

I was able to resolve a couple of technical issues, get up straight on some of my admin tasks as well as create a list of more stuff to do. We also took the time to look at the way we assess the children via our online learning journal system and decide on the best way to utilise it moving forward so that we have access to better data to enable more accurate forward planning.

The difference for me today was that normally I only work the morning but today was a full day which meant when I arrived home I had just enough time to grab a coffee before heading out the door again to take Molly to a mid-week guitar lesson. Because Molly is taking part in a black belt workshop on Saturday at her kickboxing academy she won't be able to make her usual guitar lesson so instead she had been able to organise a substitute lesson for this afternoon. So while she strummed away I took advantage of the nearby Starbucks and enjoyed a quiet half hour with a coffee and a bit of chocolate!

We returned home and then, in what felt like a matter of minutes, we were out the door again taking Molly to and from her second kickboxing class of the week. 

I think it might be time to stop now!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 12 October 2021

Day 573

Day 573...

Today was another Tuesday and another day with the morning spent in work and the afternoon at home.

The morning was all pretty standard sort of stuff with the usual admin bits and bobs and then it was home to grab a bite to eat before more car research for Molly.

Between Molly and I we had found a couple of cars that were within Molly's budget and so Molly had messaged the dealers yesterday to see if the cars were still available and whether we could pop over to see them. Well one dealer started off all positive but then went very quiet. The other dealer didn't respond initially but seemed to wake-up mid-morning and was happy for us to go and visit...the only problem was we couldn't figure out where they were located as we had two different post codes and then we found some reviews. The reviews were not good and as they were a thirty minute drive away we decided not to pursue them any further!

So it was back to the laptop to see what else we could find. We found a couple of cars at a dealers that were in the right price bracket, the insurance was doable and the write-ups on the cars sounded very appealing. Realising the dealer was only 8 miles away we decided to take a chance and we jumped in my car and headed over there. We found the dealer really easily, in fact they were exactly where I thought they would be...the only problem was that the dealership had closed, the car lot was empty and there was a 'To Rent' sign!

It didn't seem that we were having much luck so it was back home for a coffee and yet more laptop time. Well, we have found a couple of cars, and both are close to where we are. One car won't be available until the end of the week but the other car, after making contact with the dealer, is still available. Molly messaged the dealer and asked if we could possibly see the car today...but then everything went quiet! But about an hour later Molly's phone rang and it was the dealer wanting to chat about when she could go and see the car!. He was very chatty and told Molly a little more about the car and we have now said we will visit on Friday afternoon to see if it's the car for her.

It's all very exciting and now Molly just needs to make sure she can get the insurance sorted at a good price and then just maybe she may have a car to call her own!

We had a quick 'gym' workout this evening before Molly jumped online with her girlfriends. One positive that has been taken forward out of lockdown is the use of Zoom...this means that Molly and her 'squad' can all get together despite the fact that they all now live in different parts of the country because of work and study.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, 11 October 2021

Day 572 - Success

Day 572...

Today was the day...the day of Molly taking her driving test!

It was an early start as her test was scheduled for 8.57am and she had a lesson beforehand starting around 8am. I'm not sure who was more nervous and anxious me, Simon or Molly?!

As she left the house at 8am she seemed very calm and composed. Being the organised person that she is she had sorted everything that she needed with her the night before and even had a thank you card and present ready for her driving instructor in case all went well.

I on the other hand had had a disturbed nights sleep, my stomach was doing butterflies and I was trying not to look at the clock and find things to keep myself occupied. Then at 9.38am WhatsApp pinged and we got the message we'd been hoping for -  'Passed! On way home'. Yay! We were so relieved and so happy for her as not only did she deserve to pass for all the hours of driving she has done but simply because she is a good driver!

But the biggest thing is that this now means her life can start to move forward as she wants it to. After starting to learn to drive in February of 2020 she then had to cope with the uncertainty that the pandemic brought. After lessons were re-started she really didn't know if she felt physically safe and comfortable starting them again and then when she felt she was ready we were hit with further and longer lockdowns. We were able to start getting her out and about around April/May time and after she passed her theory test in May the earliest date for her practical test was today.

So today has been a long while coming and at the back of all of our minds was the horrible question of what happens if Molly doesn't pass today? The waiting time to get a test date at the moment is horrendous and her driving instructor confirmed that had she not have passed the next date would have been around April 2022! But we don't have to worry about that as she has passed!!!

The great thing is she can now start doing all the things that she wants to do and that being able to drive gives her the freedom to do. She will be able to get out and about under her own steam to take photographs when and wherever she likes, as I know this is something that she has missed being able to do. It also means that she can now move in with her boyfriend and start their life together; we have big changes ahead!

But with the relief of passing we headed out for a celebratory 'coffee and cake' and from there we went in search of a car dealership where Molly had spotted a car for sale that was within her budget. It's a tricky business buying a car when you're Molly's age as not only does she have to consider the cost of the car but also the cost of the insurance which is more often than not more than the cost of the car itself!

We found the dealership but unfortunately the car Molly had seen on their website had been sold and although they had another car of a similar age and price it didn't tick all the boxes for Molly. This meant the rest of our afternoon was spent online searching for suitable cars. Between me and Molly we have found a couple of cars local to us and have made contact with the dealers to see if we can arrange to go view them tomorrow. Molly needs to get a car sorted sooner rather than later so she can keep up her driving and get herself sorted for the next big step in her life.

The day was rounded out with Molly's first kickboxing class of the week for which we had to provide the transport as she is not insured to drive our car at the moment as she is saving her pennies to put towards her own car!

See you all tomorrow.