Friday, 20 May 2022

Day 792

Day 792...

Ah the end of the working week for this household.

My day was another spent at the laptop updating contact information for pre-school ahead of my impending departure this time next week. I've also had the chance to go through all of the documents that I have created over the years...the last 12 years as manager...and decide which can now be deleted. I will admit to having a habit of keeping hold of stuff 'just in case', although this has worked in my favour when wanting to go back in time and figure out events or how we handled something. But today was a day of having a cathartic clear out.

Despite the grey clouds and a few spots of rain we were still able to get out for our lunchtime walk managing yet again a couple of miles in around 39 minutes. 

The afternoon saw glimpses of sunshine but in the main it started grey and a little chillier than of late. I chanced sitting outside with a coffee later on and managed only a few minutes before the rain started...although  a couple of minutes after coming inside it stopped - typical!

And while Simon completed some zone two training on the exercise bike I wrote this blog ahead of making keto pizza.

We have a busy Saturday ahead of us so I will stop typing and see you tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Day 791

Day 791...

Another day working from home, although my first job this morning was to nip out to our local Lidl for a quick top-up shop before the day got too busy.

But once home my working day was all about updating contact information; emailing, completing online forms and just figuring out who exactly I needed to contact. A few emails are now awaiting replies but I was pretty happy with all that I managed to get completed today. 

I was also able to do a little work in my new capacity as committee chairperson. The committee is a vital component of pre-school as it is a registered charity and cannot function without one. I have decided to remain connected with the pre-school via this voluntary position and today I had a couple of emails to issue to my other committee members.

At lunchtime we walked out over the fields and completed a steady two miles in 38 minutes. It was a gorgeous day filled with sunshine and warmth. This afternoon I was able to indulge in a coffee outside while I topped up my vitamin D supplies!

The day was rounded out with a weights workout down 'our gym' although I wasn't feeling the greatest but I did manage most of my workout although it wasn't one of my better sessions.

But onwards and upwards and I will see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Day 790

Day 790...

We have had a very pleasant, sunny and warm Wednesday and one that I have spent working from home.

My focus today, as it will be for the remainder of the week, has been to update as many pre-school contacts as possible about my upcoming departure and whom their new contact will be. Because we are registered with a number of governing bodies there are a number of official forms and procedures that are needed to be completed and followed. All smooth sailing so far!

At lunchtime Simon and I headed out for a walk over the fields managing two miles in 42 minutes and according to my new fitness tracker 23 minutes of that was fat burning!! 

Later on this afternoon I was able to hook up online with my podcast buddy Michelle as we recorded a Disney Dream Girls show ready for release this coming Sunday. A lovely hour or so to chat all things Disney and dream about expensive VIP tours, re-opening of attractions and special events.

And while Simon jumped on the exercise bike I made use of my time by writing this blog and cooking a lovely keto shepherds pie.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Day 789

Day 789...

And today was Tuesday; it was a full day in work for what should be my only day actually 'in work' this week.

I am now fast approaching my last working day at pre-school and so for the remainder of this week I will be working from home as I attempt to update contact information and addresses and the like.

Although I won't be leaving pre-school completely as I will be on a retainer until the end of July should they need me, as well as taking over the role of chairperson of our committee. As a registered charity we are governed by a committee of trustees and so I will keep that connection with the pre-school through being chairperson.

After work I had a quick stop at home to drop off my laptop and work bag before heading into Derby for a beauty appointment. Before I knew it I was back home and it was time for a coffee and a sit down before heading down 'our gym' for a weights workout.

And that was Tuesday...see you tomorrow.

Monday, 16 May 2022

Day 788

Day 788...

A very quick and short post as it is late in the day.

But today was Simon's birthday and it was a very lovely day of presents, coffee, walks, talking, coffee and more  coffee.

I shall see you tomorrow.


Sunday, 15 May 2022

Day 787

Day 787...

Sunday has been a more restful and calm day compared to the last couple of days.

After a relaxed breakfast we headed off to collect the weekly grocery shopping as is the norm for a Sunday morning. Molly and Dan also headed out to fill their car with diesel as well as buy a birthday pressie for a friend...a rather large gnome that resembles the queen!!

We then paid a visit to my dads house where my brother and his wife were busy clearing through. A skip had arrived on Friday and they had spent most of yesterday filling it; carpets that needed to be removed, an old bed that had to be disassembled, old bits of furniture and all manner of odds and sods. The house is beginning to get clear but there is still a long way to go and we have the difficult task of deciding what can be thrown away, what might be useful to keep, any sentimental items, what may be worthy of a charity shop donation along with those items that will probably need to go to auction as they are too good to just 'throw out'.

Molly wanted to have another look around and see if there was anything else that she wanted to take away with her and she was able to grab a few items that her and Dan can make use of. We still have some missing pieces of jewellery to locate and I am fearful that these will never be found; a complete mystery as to where they have gone as they are pieces that we are all convinced my dad wore pretty much all the time. Molly was desperate to have one of his bracelets that we have not yet found but we have said that we could perhaps have a necklace of his converted into a bracelet for her instead. She was so close to her Grandad and I know she just wants something that was 'part of him' to have with her to remember him by.

Before we knew it it was early afternoon and it was time for Molly and Dan to make their three hour journey home. We took a much shorter journey to our favourite Starbucks for an afternoon coffee and to make use of the adjacent jet wash and give the car a clean!

And with a quiet afternoon I decided to take a little time to write todays blog post and to go through a few more photos that I'd scanned a while ago but hadn't had the chance to update on the laptop. With all that has happened the last few weeks my little project of scanning and storing old photos has had to take a bit of a back seat.

So yes, a productive, but much more relaxed day. See you all tomorrow.

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Day 786

Day 786...

So yesterday was a tad on the busy side which meant I simply ran out of time for writing and publishing a blog post.

So yesterday...after a full day at work I took a quick diversion home via Lidl to pick up a few bits I'd forgotten the day before. I wanted to pick up a cake for Molly for her birthday but unfortunately there was none to be found for the second day running. Once home I was then busy making keto bread and keto pizza as well as wrapping up some last minute pressies.

Then before I knew it Molly and Dan arrived home. The evening was then spent with lots of catching up to do, the giving of pressies for Mollys birthday the day before and plenty of food and cake to eat. Molly had made herself her own birthday cake, along with some keto chocolate cake, which is something she has always done for her birthday, and she had brought what was left with her!

And then we have today...

A reasonable, but relaxed, start to the day which saw Molly head off to her old kickboxing academy to take part in their Saturday morning class. A chance to catch up with all those she had trained with over the last few years. And while Molly worked out there Simon and Dan decided to grab thirty minutes down 'our gym'!

Then this afternoon we headed into Nottingham. Molly, Dan and Simon went ice skating while Ethan and I hit the shops and had a coffee! We then all came together and went to one of our favourite restaurants, Soulville Steakhouse.

Once home it was time for more birthday cake with a glass of Prosecco!!

Night all and I will see you tomorrow.