Thursday, 16 September 2021

Day 547

Day 547...

Well it's late and to be honest I'm not in the right frame of mind for writing a blog post today.

Suffice to say despite being a day split between work and home the majority of the day was centered around work. 

Our bathroom is making steady progress with all the tiling completed, the shower is in as is the basin so we just have the toilet and radiator left to be installed. Fingers crossed it may be all done tomorrow or at the very latest Monday!!

Molly's boyfriend has arrived early for the weekend which was a lovely surprise for Molly even though the house is all upside down at the moment.

So yes, a short post and that's where I will leave it for today, I will see you tomorrow when hopefully I will be in a better place to write.


Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Day 546

Day 546...

The middle of the working week and for me it was another day of a morning in work and an afternoon at home.

The morning was a pretty standard morning with the usual emails, filing and banking. I also generated a few posters ahead of this Saturday's activities as pre-school will be having a stall at a local carnival. We will be trying to raise some money as well as promote the pre-school.

After stopping by a local supermarket I arrived at home just after lunch to a very busy and slightly noisy house. The bathroom fitters were hard at work laying the underfloor heating and the floor tiles so there was lots of cutting of tiles taking place! Our bathroom is now pretty much tiled everywhere and it looks like it's ready for the key pieces to be installed.

My afternoon saw me complete a little pre-school work as there were a couple of email conversations that I had started this morning that continued into this afternoon. I also had a float to prepare ahead of the carnival as well as producing a spreadsheet for collecting information of anyone who at the carnival maybe looking for a pre-school for their little ones.

With that done I made a start on updating the information held for each of the photos that I had scanned in yesterday. I think I have managed to update around 60 photos but have another 70 or so to go. Once the fitters had left for the day there was some cleaning up to be done, even though I know it'll all get dusty again tomorrow.

Then while Simon took Molly over to her kickboxing lesson...well he let Molly drive over of course...I jumped online with my podcast co-host Michelle to record this coming weekends Disney Dream Girls show.

And that was Wednesday, see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Day 545

Day 545...

And we have a Tuesday and my first working day of the week and it was a day, once again, of two halves.

The morning was in at work and consisted of the usual admin, banking and emails. And my afternoon was spent at home to the sounds of more tiles being cut as work progressed on our bathroom re-fit.

I did my good turn for the day when I arrived home and moved all of the now empty refuse bins back to where they lived for all my the pouring rain! Well, I figured I was already wet so at least I could save my neighbours from having to get wet unnecessarily.

Molly has been busy in the garage with more of her resin creations that she will be selling via her Etsy store. She is making unique coasters by pouring different coloured resins and creating some lovely effects. 

I decided to spend the afternoon scanning in yet more photos. I had a few from the other day that still needed their information updating but after that I tackled the next album from our 1993 Florida vacation. I managed to scan in the whole album and now have about 150 photos to edit in the Photomyne app before I can upload them to my laptop!

And in between scanning photos it was a case of keeping our bathroom fitter supplied with tea, making coffee for the rest of the house and checking a few emails for work.

Then with the fitter done for the day and our garage, aka our gym, being out of action for exercise purposes due to bathroom stuff everywhere it was time to clean through. I know there will be more dust created tomorrow but I am trying to keep on top of all the cleaning rather than having one big mess when it's all finished!

So Tuesday is done and I'll see you tomorrow.

Monday, 13 September 2021

Day 544

Day 544...

Well today has been a very quiet Monday. Both Simon and I no longer work Mondays and so usually we try and make a point of doing 'something' but as we are now at day five of our bathroom re-fit we were tied to staying at home.

We were up early as our fitter wanted to make the most of the day and so there was no lie-in for us! I had two jobs for this morning, one was to get the ironing done and the other was to buy concert tickets!

Yes, actual, in person concert tickets! My favourite band White Lies very kindly emailed yesterday to say that tickets were going on sale today at 10am for an intimate, scaled back show in November at a club called Madding Crowd. Having never heard of this venue I did a quick Google expecting it to be somewhere in London and was very pleasantly surprised to find out that not only was it not London but it was somewhere that Simon and I have become quite familiar with over the last couple of years...Bournemouth.

Molly's boyfriend lives close by to Bournemouth and so when we have been gracious enough to either take Molly down to see him or to bring her home we have stayed in Bournemouth and have gotten to really like it. So when I saw that they were playing a small club there it was a no brainer, and felt like fate. So at 10am this morning I jumped onto their website and within five minutes I became the proud owner of two tickets. How excited am I?!! Cannot believe this will be our first concert since December 2019, which was also to see White Lies! 

The concert sounds like it will be more of an acoustic set as it's being promoted as an 'unplugged' performance, with them re-working songs and digging back through their archive of tracks. I think this should be a very special concert and I am very honoured and happy to be going along. Plus it felt so good to actually write something on the calendar that we can look forward to.

With tickets booked I then spent an amount of time looking for a hotel to book. We have a favourite that we like to use but unfortunately their car park does not have an electric charging point and by then we should have our new electric car and could really do with wherever we stay having one. It's a little daunting thinking about a long drive and a stay away from home with this new technology and so having a hotel with charging on site will give us peace of mind.

This afternoon I have used the time to work my way through more of our old photographs and scan them using the Photomyne app. Once scanned in on my phone I then had to go through and edit them before I could download them to my laptop. I am now working my way through them to give each photo a date, time, location and any other useful information. Today's photos were from the start of our 1993 visit to Orlando and yet again I have been thanking my past self for saving theme park maps and time schedules!

Our bathroom fitter worked late tonight and so while Simon stayed at home I took Molly over to her first kickboxing lesson of the week...well Molly drove over I was merely the passenger! Not long now till Molly has her driving test and it would be great to think that in a few weeks time she could be getting herself out and about without having to rely on the taxi service of mum and dad.

But Monday is done and I will see you tomorrow.

Sunday, 12 September 2021

Day 543

Day 543...

A Sunday has rolled around again and it started as our Sundays tend to have done of late with the collection of our weekly grocery shopping.

With that excitement out the way it was time to get Molly to her second guitar lesson of the weekend. Because she had missed a lesson last week when her teacher had been on holiday she was able to attend today to make up for it. So once again Molly drove us there and back and while she rocked out we made best use of the local Starbucks.

Back home we decided to try and beat the very grey clouds and prune back a magnolia tree that we have in our back garden. It is a beautiful tree but does insist on growing out over our neighbours garden and path and so we try to make sure it doesn't encroach too much. Just as we started we could feel a very light drizzle starting but that didn't stop us...well not until it decided to come down a little heavier. At that point we headed inside for a coffee and a spot of lunch to wait out the rain. Thankfully the rain seemed to disappear and despite the grey clouds it stayed away so that we could get back out and finish the job we had started.

The remainder of the afternoon was spent indoors with both Simon and I getting caught up on a few bits and pieces online. 

And that was Sunday, a fairly quiet sort of day. See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Day 542

Day 542...

The weekend has arrived and we have two days of respite from all the noise generated by our bathroom refit. Although we did have a little bathroom focused activity first thing as we had an early appointment at the bathroom showroom to pick out a mirror.

We had hoped to have installed a mirrored cabinet that was recessed into the cavity wall and had electric sockets inside. But when they came to fit the electrics we discovered that the wall was in fact not a cavity wall but one made of breeze blocks and so the cupboard was no longer an option. But with the electrics in situ we could still have a mirror and this morning we were able to choose a simple rectangular mirror with LED lights around the edge and most importantly a built in power socket - win!

Back home and I used the time to update my online grocery shop while Simon completed some work on some of his latest art projects as he has been working on a private commission these last few days.

It was then time to let Molly drive us over to her weekly guitar lesson, and yet again her driving is spot on. While she played guitar we walked over to the newly opened Starbucks to grab a coffee, chat and chill.

Back home and after a spot of lunch we decided to embark on a small DIY job. We wanted to install some key hooks around the house following the installation of new doors a few weeks back. Simon had ordered some jailors key rings, some antique hooks and some small wooden plinths so that the keys can be hung but look in keeping with the decor of the house.

This small DIY job then led to us having a clean through of the house...well as the hoover was out to clean up the dust generated from drilling holes it seemed the sensible thing to do! It wasn't a planned job but with all the drilling and cutting over the past week the dust had gotten everywhere and although it will all get dusty again next week at least we can have a couple of days with a relatively dust free house!

As I started writing this blog Simon had another art commission to get started on and spent a hour researching and then discovered that he needs some more information off his client before he can start.

And there we have a Saturday, see you tomorrow.

Friday, 10 September 2021

Day 541

Day 541...

We have reached the end of the working week and I have had another full day in work. So not only have I worked each day this week but I've also worked two full days...thank goodness its the weekend!!

This morning at work rather than my usual admin tasks I was actually 'working the floor'; so whilst I manage a pre-school I don't always get that much time interacting with the children but now each Friday morning my role will change and I will be 'on the floor' working directly with them.

Then the afternoon was my chance to get caught up on my usual administration jobs; banking, emails, newsletters and more.

By the time I arrived home the bathroom fitters were just winding down for the day and we now have all the cupboard units installed, pipework for the radiator in place, the shower tray installed, holes filled in and the start of the tiling. Work will resume on Monday and we have a few days to go yet before everything is competed.

During the day we have had an electrician visit to go over a few pieces of work that we need doing and although nothing is too urgent the priority is some outdoor sockets so that I can get my outdoor lights back working. Plus I have all my Christmas lights to think about as I normally put these up towards the end of November!

We have also had a butchers delivery today which had to be unpacked and then split into meal portion sizes. I then had more cleaning to do once the fitters had left for the day so that we are not tracking dust all the way around the house and then it was time to record a podcast.

It was lovely to chat with Michelle, my podcast co-host, as we caught up on our respective weeks and then set about recording another Disney Dream Girls episode. And that rounded out my Friday!

See you tomorrow.