Saturday, 4 April 2020

Day 17

Day 17 and welcome to the weekend!

This was supposed to be a busy weekend. Today I was booked in to have some new Disney ink with my favourite tattoist Saint Heywood at Acadia Tattoo and tomorrow I was to be out for lunch with some old work colleagues from my banking days.

So instead of being out and about and catching up with friends I will be staying home and staying safe.

Today has been quite a chilled out kind of day. I was able to jump onto my online shopping and add some extra bits ready to collect early next week. My supermarket of choice is now limiting its customers to only amend their shop in the 2 days prior to collection and with a strictly worded message telling shoppers we should only amend once and only if its urgent!! Really hoping over the coming weeks this all starts to calm down and the supermarkets come up with solutions to the obvious demand.

Managed to complete my jigsaw with relative ease, quite nice to do a simple straight forward puzzle as the next one I think may take a bit longer.

We took our usual walk out this afternoon which took us via my dad's house so that we could see him and chat through his living room window and then we had a little stop at his local corner shop where I was able to buy some wine, chocolate, HP sauce and finally some tinned tomatoes!! You know the important stuff!

Without wanting to repeat myself these are peculiar times that we are living through and we all need to be prepared for this going on for a fair while yet. Earlier today whilst outside a couple of my neighbours were talking over a garden wall, the next thing I see is them both stood next to each other chatting away as they would have done in normal circumstances - really?!! One then came over to me and started chatting, which was lovely, but I made sure I put myself the other side of my car on purpose so that she couldn't get any closer; why are people not taking this seriously? Just because I know you and see you most days doesn't mean we can get up close and personal, just keep your distance. I'm not being rude I'm just being safe and trying to do my bit to help all of us.


Friday, 3 April 2020

Day 16

Day 16...

This would have been the last day of term before finishing for our two week break over Easter but instead I've been sat at home, working on my laptop. We should have had our Easter Fun week at pre-school this week; a chance to raise a few pennies as well as have a bit of fun time with the children. There was going to be egg rolling, face painting, crafts, Easter hampers to be won, cakes and more, it would have been a fun way to end the term.

Instead we are already kind of on holiday but not in a good way. We have schools around us that are being asked to now stay open over the break to provide support to key worker's children. I have teacher friends who are working rotas so that the workload is shared between the staff that are able to work. Everything is all just mixed up!

We managed another walk out and about at lunchtime; just a mile today and it was nice to see a face I knew and say hello...from a distance of course!

My day was broken up by spending a lovely hour or so chatting with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle and our guest Becky as we recorded a podcast episode to go out this weekend. We chatted about some Disney news, plans that are on hold or postponed and then reviewed three dining experiences at Walt Disney World as we did a bit of Disney dreaming.

I made good progress on my current jigsaw that's proving to be quite a straight forward one to do...the jigsaw I have lined up after this one I'm not expecting to be as easy so enjoying this one for the moment.

I find myself getting stressed over the shopping again...I have been able to just stick to my collect order this week and nipping over to the farm to buy eggs (three times the price I pay from the supermarket!). I have another order to pick up on Monday and wondering if we can hold out till then...just random stuff that we are getting low on like chocolate and wine (obviously very important..I am kidding!) but also those items that have been on my shopping list for weeks now like toilet paper and tinned tomatoes.

I wonder if the whole shopping thing is freaking me out because it's something that I'm usually very much in control of. I do my weekly shop and then nip to my local store during the week as and when we need stuff but now this is not the case; I can't just do as I would normally. Perhaps it's that routine and ritual however small or silly being taken away from me that is having the impact. The sense of control being taken away and having to fit into the situation whatever way I can rather than do it my preferred way. Who would have thought that the mundane, taken for granted aspects of our life could have the biggest impact when they are removed.

Let's hope that when we get to the other side of all this that we remember to appreciate all these little things that at the moment feel so far out of our reach or control.

Stay home, stay safe and see you tomorrow,

Thursday, 2 April 2020

Day 15

Day 15...

So where do we find ourselves today...I have been using the day to get some more admin work done for pre-school as we need to issue amendment to contract letters and updated terms and conditions; thankfully nothing to do with the current situation just simply that time of year when new things come into being.

I decided this morning to make a couple of donations, nothing much but thought I would show my support for our one of our local NHS hospital's charity who are raising funds to support their staff through the situation with essentials and extra equipment. The other was to a local arts project where we often visit to see a burlesque show or simply stop by for a coffee in their cafe; the sort of venture that needs supporting now if it's to be able to re-open successfully after all of this.

Our lunchtime walk involved a quick detour via the farm opposite to buy a couple of dozen eggs that should hopefully keep us going for a little while, and despite it looking like it could rain at any point we stayed dry if a little windswept.

There was more jigsaw progress made later this afternoon while Simon and Molly 'went to the gym' aka our garage!
Work in progress - rather therapeutic
I think I should really make the effort and get back into some light gym work; I've been careful of late because of my left boob following my cancer treatment last year and it still feeling tender at times. I tried the gym again recently and although I took it steady it left me feeling more 'aware' of my boob afterwards so I have been cautious about getting back into it. But my boob has felt much better of late which may be down to swapping back to non-wired bras plus it could also be the fact that I haven't be carrying heavy bags of shopping, driving the car as much and the like...who knows?

One positive of this 'staying home' has meant that Simon has been able to get some more 3D printing completed for his R2D2 model. One print that has completed today has taken 12 hours and ordinarily we have to time these prints when we know we are going to be home for that length of time just in case the print was to jam or fail.
3D printer in action
Another day done and another day further into whatever we are calling this situation! Another day staying at home and doing our bit and just hoping that everyone else out there is doing the same thing. It's tough sometimes trying to reconcile staying at home with what other people are doing but we have to soldier on and do what we can and take solace in the fact that we are helping in the best way we can. We don't know how long this is going to take and that in itself is unnerving, we don't know how we may be affected by this horrid virus or how it's going to leave us all feeling when we get to the other side and all that gives a great sense of unease. But we carry on, we stay at home and we embrace tomorrow.


Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Day 14

Day 14...

Another 'work day' today and that has been pretty much the lions share of today.

We took a walk out and about at lunchtime walking another couple of miles and thankfully we didn't see too many people today and everyone who we did see was obeying the social distancing rules.

We even encountered ducks...who were quite happily waddling along the main road and were quite happy to get really close to us!

And we even had a couple of horses who wanted to follow us home!

Once I'd done my work for the day I thought I would start on another jigsaw, another Disney one!

And that's been my day.

Not sure how I'm feeling at the moment, everything feels quite flat and depending on which tweet, or news article, or website you visit it can leave you feeling quite despondent. Just thinking that this could go on for months and months to come and then trying to think about the impact that it will have on us all as individuals, on our aspirations, our plans and dreams is really overwhelming. The figures we are hearing each day are horrific and terrifying and none of us want to be hearing them.

We have to trust in the people that know what they are talking about, the scientists, and trust that they are working their hardest to come up with solutions and vaccines and all we can do is stay home. Just two little words that mean so much more than they say; stay home, stay safe, help those that can help us by not spreading this thing any further or faster. Stay home with the ones you love and make a difference.

Till tomorrow,

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Day 13

Day 13 - the day of fetching the shopping!

So today is the day I had to venture out into the big world for the first time in 11 days to fetch my grocery shopping.

I normally have a weekly shop that I order online and collect from lockers at my local supermarket and this is what I did today. Although this was a bigger shop than normal but only because I hadn't been able to get a slot last week when I wanted and so I have had to make my grocery supply last longer than normal until today.

So me and Molly jumped in the car and drove the few miles along very quiet roads (so pleased to see this), at one point we drove over the M1 (one of our busiest roads in the UK) and it was considerably quieter than normal.

Arriving at the store we were able to drive straight to the collection lockers and park up; as we arrived a couple of store employees were just loading the lockers and our shopping was actually still sitting in crates waiting to be loaded. So that meant it was super quick to get the shopping from the crates into the boot of the car. It was nice to see one of the usual employees who stocks the lockers a chap named Mark who me and Molly affectionately refer to as Marky Mark - don't know why it's one of those daft things that got said a fair few years ago now and has just stuck, not that Mark knows this!!

When we got home we unpacked everything and wiped everything down with anti-bacterial wipes and threw out as much packaging as we could along with all the carrier bags; deciding to adopt the 'better safe than sorry' approach!

But the good thing is my fridge and food cupboards look a bit more normal than they did yesterday and I feel significantly calmer now that I have ventured out and made it back with most of what I needed. Although there was no toilet paper and for some reason I only received one bottle of red wine and not the two I had asked for; apparently Merlot was in stock but not the Shiraz...really...surely they could have given me two Merlot instead!!

The rest of the day was spent doing some administration work for pre-school, before I took a few minutes to finish off the jigsaw I've been doing.
Oh and because it was apparently National Wear Your Ears Day today this happened...purely for use on the Disney Dream Girls podcast facebook page of course!

So that's my day...I survived leaving the house...I returned with food...I did some work...I completed a jigsaw and a range of Mickey Mouse ears were worn...pretty decent day I would say!

OK time to Netflix and chill,


Monday, 30 March 2020

Day 12

Here we are on Day 12, the start of the working week.

I am very lucky to only work four days a week and Monday is my usual day off and like last week I am trying to stick to my routine of work days and non-work days.

Today has been an extremely lazy day. Simon has been sanding and filling his R2D2 model for most of the day and apart from sorting a few bits and bobs I have spent most of the day completing my jigsaw.

We took a walk out just after lunch and completed another couple of miles in about 50 minutes. It was quite a hilly walk today and thankfully the rain stayed away but it was a lot colder than of late. We still saw lots of people out and about; lots of dog walkers and an odd runner and yet again it was Simon and I that found ourselves walking off the path and into the ploughed fields to ensure that distance was kept.

My jigsaw is almost complete and it was only the failing light that meant I stopped today...although I did manage to get roped into Molly's online karate lesson to help her stretch!!

But that really is my day today...not a lot to report and that kind of sums up how I've been feeling. I had a pretty naff nights sleep a mixture of hot flushes (yes I am at that age!) and then a brain that wouldn't switch off. I think I am worrying (no I know I am!) about the food shopping that I will be collecting tomorrow; will I get everything that I've ordered? If I don't get things then I'm going to need to do a physical in-store shop and how is that going to work? I find myself feeling quite anxious about going out into the world and seeing others and having to maintain social distancing and then worrying about everything that I've touched.

Paranoia and anxiety are not good friends and I worry that these will start to define who I am; will they stay with me once all this is over with?; how will we all assimilate back into society when we get to the other side? Listening to the government briefings and hearing them acknowledge that this could go on for months and months in some shape or form is a very weird concept to get our heads around. I think it is going to be really interesting in years to come to look back at this and discover what actually happened and how it all unravelled and how it got to be as bad as it is now.

See you tomorrow

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Day 11

Day 11 and we have a lazy Sunday.

We have now entered British Summer Time officially by putting the clocks an hour forward and the weather is now the coldest it's been all week - oh the irony!

Initially we had a grey overcast start to the day with the weather trying to actually snow! But by midday everything had started to brighten up and whilst still cold and windy we had bright blue skies and sunshine.

We took, what is now our usual, walk out over the fields. It was cold and very blustery at times and it even tried to snow or hail at one point but we still managed a couple of miles in about 45 minutes. But yet again we were surprised by the number of people out walking and running; in fact we changed our intended direction a couple of times just to avoid people. And yet again why was it that it was me and Simon that had to leave the footpath and walk into fresh ploughed fields to ensure sufficient space between us and other walkers?!

I did pass comment though that whilst I will freely admit that we don't go out walking that often, despite being blessed with countryside on our doorstep, we have been out for a walk at the height of Summer and been able to walk these exact same routes and see no-one! So whilst it is great that people are recognising the need for exercise and fresh air it is equally as annoying when they choose to do it at the same time as us!

The rest of the day has been very much your quintessential lazy afternoon of doing some jigsaw (Disney themed of course) while Simon did some digital artwork.  Molly and Simon then 'went down the gym' the very on trend location of...'our garage' - lol!
From this... this - pretty decent progress made
Simon's artwork -
Ordinarily on a lazy day like this I would be worrying that I'd been wasting time and not getting enough out of my down time but whilst I suppose I could have found things to do it's not like anything that I need to get done is going anywhere any time soon. So whereas ordinarily I have a hard time of stopping and of just doing something that I want to do, and take time for myself, this Sunday I have been able to do just that and not feel guilty about it.

Oh and to round out my day and put a big smile on my face I was able to watch a premiere on YouTube from my favourite band White Lies, of a concert of theirs from 2009...and it was brilliant, so uplifting and reminded me how fortunate I was to get to see them live last year - twice! See my post from the beginning of this year to see photos of me with the band!!

And on that bright note I will say goodnight and see you tomorrow,