Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Day 223

Day 223...

Today has been a fairly quiet sort of day. No rush to be out and about this morning so everything proceeded at a fairly relaxed pace.

First half of the day was spent sorting some bits and pieces out online; updating some online stuff, ordering our Hotel Chocolat advent calendars, placing a butchers order for delivery later in the week and just generally getting on top of a list of jobs.

At lunchtime Simon and I took a walk out despite the rain. Thankfully we timed it right as although it rained off and on it was never too bad. Just a couple of miles today which gave us the chance to put the world to rights.

Second half of my day was spent doing a little preschool work as it was payday today so needed to get the pay-slips issued. I still have a little admin work to complete but hopefully that will be a fairly straightforward job for tomorrow morning.

We had a little gym workout this evening; Molly and Simon braved the 'garage gym' and despite the dark and wet night it was surprisingly cosy...amazing what a small fan heater can achieve!

Lots of chatter on social media today around antibodies and t-cells. A few attention grabbing headlines were implying that because antibodies do not hang around after exposure to the dreaded virus that it was all doom and gloom. Thankfully there are enough scientists out there able to shout about t-cells and explain that there is more to immunity than just antibodies. Lots of interesting discussion that I hope will get the investigation and coverage that is needed as I fear too often when dealing with this virus that only those who shout the loudest, or who have the best connections, get to have their ideas heard. I think now more than ever we need to be open to all opinions and thought processes even if that means admitting that previous theories were wrong or have changed because what we are dealing with is new and our understanding must therefore be ever evolving as we get to grips with it all and find out more.

Where all of this leaves us I don't know, we can only hope that those with the know-how and brains are looking into all of the above to find the best way forward for all of us.

Stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Monday, 26 October 2020

Monday - Day 222

Day 222...

Here's another Monday and it started as most of my Mondays start with a trip to my supermarket of choice to collect our weekly grocery shopping. 

After the groceries had been put away we decided to go out for a walk over the fields. Although the weather was dry the ground was definitely not and was decidedly squelchy at times! But we plodded on and managed about three miles in about an hour.

We have decided that if we are going to continue on our walks around where we live through the Autumn and Winter we will probably need to invest in some decent walking shoes or boots. Thankfully I currently wear an old pair of trainers so it doesn't matter what state they get in to, but as of this evening they are still drying out from todays little adventure!

After lunch Simon looked at a couple of art commissions that had come his way over the weekend before nipping out for his annual eye-test. He swapped to contact lenses last year and prefers them to glasses but this was just a check to see if his prescription needed changing. Thankfully no real change needed but two hours spent in a busy opticians didn't sound like a great experience. He commented that the staff were doing the best they could but trying to keep socially distanced in a busy shop was by all accounts rather stressful.

I spent the afternoon re-organising the pile of items I am trying to sell online along with all the boxes we have held onto to re-use as packaging. I was fed up of falling over everything so had a good sort through and can now reach a cupboard that had been blocked before!

Molly has been creative today, not only has she been sorting through all the photos that she took yesterday but she found a few minutes to have a go at making chocolate covered Mickey apples...
The day was rounded out with playing taxi service for Molly as she had her kickboxing class early evening before settling down with a nice glass of red.

So we have heard today that the city eight miles away will be going into Tier 3 lockdown restrictions later this week but for the time being where we are will stay in Tier 2. Not really sure what that means, I think Tier 3 means that you can't mix with anyone else outside of your household and pubs can only open if they serve 'substantial' meals...whatever that means. Like I've said numerous times before I think we all have to proceed through life as best we can, risk assessing what we want to do, how to do it and whether we feel comfortable doing it. 

Take care out there, stay safe, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Sunday, 25 October 2020

A Photoshoot by Shutter Studios

Day 221...

So as we turned back the clocks one hour last night and can now fully embrace the autumnal season I thought I would change my little icon at the top of these posts to something more appropriate.

The day started with the usual Sunday online grocery shop ready for collection tomorrow, and then we got ready for an afternoon out!

Molly had been asked by my sister-in-law if she could take some photos for her and so our afternoon out was to help Molly with this photoshoot. My sister-in-law runs a small business called China Petals where she makes mosiacs from fine china. She has a small studio space and had asked Molly if she could take some photographs to be used in publicity; some shots of the studio, of her at work and some headshots.

So armed with camera and lightboxes we spent a few hours this afternoon as photographers assistant and driver. Molly did a great job and took over 350 photos which she now needs to go through and edit

Once home we had time for a coffee before jumping online to join in with the weekly Disney Dream Girls podcast Disney quiz. This week I had come up with questions all about the movie Hocus Pocus and my partner in crime, Michelle, had done the same all about the film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Another fun hour chatting with Disney loving friends from around the world.

Simon has been working on an art commission for a contact in the US and some digital drawing for himself as well as a little VR time travelling around an art gallery! All in all, today has turned out to be quite a creative sort of day.

Until tomorrow, take care out there; wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Saturday, 24 October 2020

It's Saturday!

Day 220...

Welcome to the weekend and the first day of my week off work.

A relaxed start to the day followed by taking Molly to her guitar lesson which meant we took advantage of a drive thru coffee while we waited. In more normal times we would have gone inside the aforementioned coffee shop but for now we will stick to the drive thru. But the lovely thing was that the staff there still remember us; the knock-on effect of visiting the same establishment at the same time week after week for a good number of years!

By the time we got home the weather had turned quite grey and wet so any thoughts of getting out for an afternoon walk were quashed. But in true gentlemanly style when I mentioned that I needed something from our garage which meant going outside in the pouring rain Simon grabbed an umbrella and braved the elements just as it decided to rain even heavier...must be true love 💘 

I then did something that I never normally do which was to stop, sit down and watch a film in the middle of the afternoon. Well I did have a reason for this; it was all done in the name of research. Tomorrow is our regular Disney Dream Girls weekly Disney quiz and I had been tasked with coming up with questions about the movie Hocus Pocus. I could have just googled it, or read about it on Wikipedia, but instead I decided to refresh my memory and come up with questions myself. 

Literally feet up and movie time!
It was great fun to revisit the film and I am pretty happy with the seventeen questions that I have come up with. Let's hope they are a good mixture of tricky and straight forward!

I had another Disney brown box arrive mid-afternoon with some more Christmassy bits and pieces.

And I couldn't resist getting some Disney Christmas earrings as well...
...and I am in love with the artwork that's on the back of the box of baubles...
The remainder of the afternoon was spent getting a few more Halloween decorations scattered around the house while Simon completed his Star Wars, MSE droid project; this has been on the go for about a year and has not only included 3D printing, metalwork, resin casting but also electronics. You can see more on Simons art page over on Facebook.
There we have Saturday done and dusted, and now it's time for red wine and dark chocolate - I know how to live it up on a Saturday night!!

Take care out there, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Friday, 23 October 2020

End of Term

Day 219...

Today was the last day of the first term of our academic school year. We have made it through seven weeks and four days relatively unscathed and now have one week to relax and recharge.

But the day was pretty uneventful with just the usual type of admin tasks to complete. I, thankfully, remembered to bring some paperwork home with me so that I can update the accounts over the next week.

We spent the afternoon removing all the Halloween decorations, although we kept on finding small plastic spiders after we had cleared everything away. As the decorations mostly belong to me I have the pleasure of looking after them at home and will admit to giving myself a bit of a start when unpacking a bag and thinking there was a spider in the bottom only to realise that it was plastic, of course!

As the pre-school is a registered charity we rely very heavily on fundraising so this week, as part of our Halloween Fun Week, we had been selling some 'Treat Cups', as well as asking parents to make a small contribution to the festivities. By the end of today we had raised £125, which was amazing, and will help go a long way with some new purchases that we are in desperate need of for our role play kitchen area.

This did mean that once home I had to first unpack my car of Halloween decorations before then counting the money that we had collected over the week. But with those jobs out the way I can now enjoy some downtime away from work. Well I say that but there will be a couple of jobs that will need doing but I am hoping these will only take up a small amount of my time this coming week.

I think now, more than ever, it is important to distinquish between work time and non-work time so that you get to enjoy the time away from work and switch off for a while. There may not be much happening, or places to go, or people to see but it is still important to take the time for yourself and find the space to simply chill.

So I have a glass of red...well my second glass of red...and it's time to put my feet up and embrace the coming week or rest and relaxation.

Stay safe out there, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Work & Podcast

Day 218...

Another day is done and another fairly straight forward sort of day.

Work was the usual lot of admin and banking as we had our penultimate day at pre-school before we break for a weeks holiday. We have been having our Halloween Fun Week and as a result should have raised a little bit of extra cash by the time we get to the end of tomorrow.

Once home it was time to grab a coffee and jump online with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle as we recorded another podcast to be released this coming Sunday. Lots of chat about new merchandise released ready for Christmas as well as which Disney Halloween movies we should, or should not, be watching.

I always enjoy hooking up with Michelle we love chatting all things Disney, plus we are great friends so it's great to have an excuse to natter away and set the world to rights. Michelle is due to have an operation next week and so has had to 'self isolate' for the last fourteen days but she has still been able to organise a little surprise parcel for me that arrived today.

How cute is this little knitted pumpkin? This certainly brightened up my day and was really appreciated, thanks Michelle xx

And while I've been writing this post Simon has been driving his mouse droid around my feet making beep and boop noises! The accelerometer is working and is being tweaked for sensitivity as I type!

And that's where I shall leave it for today.

Take care, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Middle of the Week


Day 217...

So the midweek point of the working week.

And I think this will be another short post today. As the day has been pretty quiet.

I was in work today, covering for another member of staff on holiday, and once I got home I had some data input to complete. I'd realised late on today that I had a deadline approaching for some data input and thought it was for next week but then discovered it is actually tomorrow. Oops! But thankfully all very easily done and quickly input once home.

It was then mum and dad taxi service tonight as Molls had her kickboxing class.

And that was pretty much it for the day. Life rolls on and the news continues to reverberate around lockdowns and tiers of lockdown and restrictions and financial support, or lack thereof, and more confusion. And while I think the majority of us want to do our 'bit' to get us through whatever it is we are going through I think it becomes harder to see exactly what that 'bit' needs to be.

Take care, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask.