Monday, 18 January 2021

And it's Monday

Day 296...

Another Monday has rolled around and started with the usual grocery shopping collection from our local supermarket of choice.

Once everything had been put away we decided to take a walk out a bit earlier than normal and managed another 4.25 miles in just under an hour and twenty minutes.

The afternoon saw me get a few household chores completed while Simon disappeared into the garage to cast a few helmet parts as he'd had an order come in.

Really seem to be struggling at the moment. And I know we are all in the same boat but for some reason I'm beginning to feel the strain of it all. Even though we are doing our best to keep active and get out for walks and find things to do the 'no end in sight' is now quite draining, and I wonder how long we, as a society, can keep this going. I can't even contemplate beginning to plan for anything as I have no faith that whatever is planned will ever come to fruition. 

Disneyland Paris has now announced that it will no longer be re-opening in February as planned but is now looking at the 2nd April as a possible date. I know from social media that people had made bookings for late February and March and they will now have to go through the hassle of moving their dates or getting refunds...and probably not for the first time in these past 10 months or so.

So as Simon had been in the garage for an hour or so this afternoon with the heater on, he decided to take advantage of the slightly warm space and use the garage for it's other purpose...the gym! I on the other hand decided to start on my next jigsaw and as predicted it's a Disney one with a Christmas theme!

I have managed to get all the straight edge pieces sorted out but that's as far as I've got least it will give me something to do!

Take care out there.

Sunday, 17 January 2021

Sunday, Sunday

Day 295...

And we have Sunday and as seems to be the theme to this weekend it was another very slow and steady start to the day.

I had the usual job of updating my online grocery order ready for collecting tomorrow. Simon has continued with the electronic components of his R2D2 build on and off throughout the day; he is figuring out where to install all the necessary switches and cables for the lights and sounds inside the dome in a way that will still enable the dome to move.

I decided to have a bit of a re-sort of my wardrobe. Having had new wardrobes back in September and having lived with them for a few months I decided that I needed to move things around. So it was a case of emptying sections of cupboards and drawers and then deciding the best places for them to go back.

Mid-afternoon we took a walk out and decided to go visit my dad. He only lives a mile away so it was a quick walk there and back but we had to dodge around all the other walkers; and yet again we've never seen so many people out and about, but as I've said before - what else can people do at the moment?

Once home I finished re-organising my wardrobe before settling down for an hour or so of our regular Disney quiz hosted by the Disney Dream Girls podcast I co-host. It was good fun as always to check-in with our regular group and attempt to answer some questions; didn't do too badly this week as I think I came second!

Another day, another Sunday done. Take care out there.

Saturday, 16 January 2021

Yay it's the Weekend!!

Day 294...

And we have reached the weekend...again!

Now normally January can be a bit of a rough month, the downer after the festive period, the month when the excesses of Christmas are being felt and often results in a lack of money to spend and therefore a lack of things to do. And guess what January is turning into another month of same old, same old and it's all getting to be a bit tedious and boring.

So no alarm set this morning meant a very slow start to the day with my motivation feeling severely depleted, and having no idea what to do today.

After finally moving and getting a couple of odd jobs done around the house we headed out for a walk. We managed just over 4 miles in just over an hour. We bumped into a neighbour of my dads, and someone I had grown up with, and it was nice to stop and have a chat for a few minutes or so. Once again we noticed how busy it was out and about walking...but then again what else can people do?

Simon has been tinkering around with his R2D2 build off and on all day; he has been spending time getting all the electronic components working and is now figuring out how to install all the necessary switches and cables into the dome part of the build.

And there we are another Saturday almost done. Just time to eat the keto bread I've just made, make something for dinner and settle down to watch this weeks episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.

See y'all tomorrow. Take care.

Friday, 15 January 2021

Meeting Online

Day 293...

Last day of the working week today and another day split into two halves.

This morning was another working from home morning with a mixture of emails, continuing with updating our safeguarding policy and attending an online 'leaders and managers' meeting.

I must admit I am liking having these sort of meetings online. I don't have to drive anywhere; there's no worry about getting parked or having to pay for parking; I have access to decent coffee; no sitting in a draughty room waiting for everyone to arrive; no sitting through the usual 'housekeeping' duties for the venue; no having to make small talk with people I don't know and am not likely to see again for at least three months...if ever; no having to do random tasks. Plus I can continue working up until the minute the meeting starts; I can carry on working through any boring bits!; any relevant documents and links can be shared and accessed instantly rather than relying on my scrappy notes and so all in all a much better use of my time and I would guess the person delivering the meetings time as well.

For the afternoon I actually went into work for only the second time this week. An afternoon of more emails, admin and banking; all pretty straight forward.

Once home I had a few more work things to catch up on; a butchers order to place online and a new exercise mat to order.

And that was today!

Take care out there.

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Slightly Snowy Thursday

Day 292...

Well I think this is going to be a short post today as I really haven't done very much.

This was my other non-working day of the week (I only do a three day week) and surprisingly I had nothing planned (note the heavy sarcasm intended here!).

The morning was spent catching up on some of my personal admin and some household chores and by late morning the rain had turned to snow and by lunchtime it was starting to settle. As Simon broke for lunch we decided against our usual walk because of the weather; just too wet, cold and very slushy underfoot.

The snow continued until early afternoon but never really amounted to much. When I jumped online with my friend and podcast co-host, Michelle, I discovered that where she lives they had proper snow, so much so that the school where she works had called a 'snow day'.

So we had a little catch-up before we recorded this weeks Disney Dream Girls show. We chatted with friend of the show Seth Kubersky who writes for 'The Official Guides' series of books and is able to get to the Florida parks a couple of times a week. It was lovely to chat with him and find out what it's like to visit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios at the moment.

After recording I grabbed the last of the daylight and finally managed to finish my latest jigsaw...

...I think I may need to find another one to do...only ones I have though are Christmas themed ones...Oh well, never mind, they will have to do!

The day was finished off with a little trip to the 'gym'...well, for Simon anyway. While I just stuck to some light weights and my bodyweight exercises; second time this week so getting back into the swing of it slowly!

Another day done, stay safe out there.

Wednesday, 13 January 2021

Work Day Wednesday

Day 291...

Well today was another day split in two; but both halves were spent working.

This morning was spent at home working; I had some cashflow projections to complete as well as making a start on re-writing our safeguarding policy. Thankfully we have a model policy to work from and then adapt...unfortunately it's 56 pages long!

Then this afternoon was spent actually in work for the first time this week. An afternoon of catching up, ordering some supplies, updating accounts and de-cobwebbing the room. We have a rather high ceiling and having been reminded by my deputy I took my extending duster in with me to try and get as many cobwebs down as possible - oh the glamorous side of childcare.

Once home I made an attempt at completing some more of my current jigsaw and although I did get a few pieces into place the combination of a very grey day and lots of dark pieces meant all I could really do was sort a few more pieces and hope that I have better light tomorrow.

And I think that's where I will leave it for today as there really isn't anything else to report. Another routine day, doing the same old, same old and I don't think that's going to be changing any time soon!

Take care out there.

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

A Day of Two Halves

Day 290...

So this morning was spent working from home. Due to the reduced number of children attending pre-school at the moment and having got this afternoon booked off it seemed sensible to take the option to work from home which meant a few hours spent on emails, banking and admin tasks.

At lunchtime we went out on one of our walks, completing a couple of miles in just under an hour. As we set off we came across an elderly couple sat on the bench in front of where we live. They were sat enjoying the sunshine with a flask of coffee and something to eat and as we passed by and said 'Hello' the lady responded with a quirky comment along the lines of 'oops shouldn't be sat having a drink!!'.

This was of course in reference to the numerous stories over the last couple of days about members of the public being fined for sitting on benches and being accused of 'having a picnic' for daring to walk with a coffee in hand. We simply responded with a chuckle and told them to enjoy themselves and the sunshine, and remarked how ridiculous it all was at the moment.

We then headed into the next village and were very aware of the number of people walking about, especially the number of them that had a coffee and then as we glanced into the local park how almost every bench had people sat on them. I think this is the British way of saying 'screw you'; you're not stopping us from enjoying the outside with a coffee especially as we are not doing anything to hurt anyone. It did make me smile!

After we got home and armed with a coffee I decided to see how much more of my current jigsaw I could get completed. Unfortunately the light was not on my side and as I was completing the night sky element of the picture I had to stop when the light began to fade; the pieces were too dark and too similar to each other to continue...perhaps tomorrow it may get completed.

I decided to get my self back on track with my exercises this evening as I'd become very lax since well before Christmas. Simon headed down the 'gym' while I stuck to a few light weights and mainly bodyweight exercises. I didn't do a lot but it was a start and that's the important thing...getting started.

Take care out their and enjoy your coffee wherever you like!!