Monday, 24 January 2022

Day 678

Day 678...

We had a change in proceedings for a Monday as I was needed in work this morning as cover for another member of staff; ordinarily Monday is my non-contracted day.

The morning in work was pretty standard and I had the chance to get caught up with some banking and admin as well as some updating to our learning journal system. As lunchtime rolled around I headed home to spend the remainder of the day with Simon.

Simon was busy updating some of his digital art files as well as capturing more of our home video...I think we are up to mid-1999 now. This will now all need watching back to make sure it's all been captured without any glitches and then Simon can move onto the next tape.

We then decided to take a drive out for a coffee, a change of scenery and a catch-up.

Back home and Simon set about some more video capture while I moved a few more jigsaw pieces around. The day was finished off with Simon jumping on the exercise bike while I finished off some work I'd started this morning. 

A short, Monday post! See you tomorrow.

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Day 677

 Day 677...

A quiet Sunday to round out a quiet weekend.

The day started with the usual collection of our weekly grocery shopping, which was rather uneventful for a change. With the shopping all put away it was time to figure out how the rest of the day was going to unfurl.

We had no plans, and we had no jobs that had to be done, so we decided to simply get outside and enjoy the fresh air. We headed to Elvaston Castle, our closest country park, for a brisk walk. We completed two miles in 39 minutes and then decided it was time for coffee.

We headed to our closest Starbucks. We were chatting about the need for the car to be washed and had resigned ourselves to making that the first job when we got home. But as we were leaving we noticed that the garage across the way had jet-washers; £2 and 5 minutes later and our car was sparkly clean once again. Win!

Back home and Simon spent a further ten minutes giving the car a wipe around the door sills and he even hoovered it as well! Now, Simon is not a car fan and admitted that he has never really been bothered before about keeping any of our previous cars especially clean and tidy. But he is really enjoying this new car, he loves driving it and wants to keep it looking good! Well, who am I to stop him?!

With the afternoon drawing in it was time for more jigsaw for me before the light faded and some digital art time for Simon.

A quiet Sunday in January. January is such a strange month, the anti-climax following the hustle and bustle of December, the festivities of Christmas and then New Year so it always ends up feeling a bit 'flat'. Then add in cold weather and dark nights and it feels like a recipe for a bit of a non-event. I think we need to get a few things put in the diary to look forward to, especially as England sees the majority of its restrictions lifted towards the end of the coming week which means life can start to feel more 'normal' again. I checked back on my blog posts from this time last year (not long after we'd gone into another lockdown) to see what we had been up to and we had snow! In fact we had so much snow that we had to close pre-school for two chance of that happening this year as though it's been chilly there is no sign of any snow.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 22 January 2022

Day 676

Day 676...

Today has been a very quiet and steady Saturday which started with a much needed lie-in and a lazy start to the day.

We spent the day at home and used some of the time to start planning how we want our new study/craft room (aka Molly's old bedroom) to look. So armed with a tape measure and the Ikea website we set about figuring what we need in the room.

We think we have a plan for how we are going to approach it by sticking to simple, white and practical furniture. We need a good amount of storage and it was a case of measuring up what we have at the moment and figuring out what cabinets would be the best solution for us. Once we have the storage sorted we will then move onto buying a new sofa bed and at that point we will begin to think about the theming/colour scheme for the room. Although I'm guessing that there will be a smattering of Disney in there somewhere!

We had a phone call from the company we are using to update the flooring with a quote for the room and as a result we have now placed an order with them. It's going to be a few weeks before the flooring is in stock and then we will need to arrange for the fitting to take place.

Simon has spent some more time going through our home video to 'capture' it and I've spent some time moving jigsaw pieces around. And that has been our day; very quiet but nice to have nothing specific to be dashing about for.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, 21 January 2022

Day 675

Day 675...

Well today didn't turn out quite as expected.

I was supposed to be having a days holiday in lieu of time I'd worked extra before Christmas covering for a work colleague. Normally when I have a day off I will still be up early to check my phone just in case something has happened and I'm needed in work. But today I didn't do that for the first time in like forever.

I'd just got out the shower and Simon said 'I'm sure I can hear your phone ringing' that's never a good sign; a ringing phone before 8am. And sure enough on looking at my phone I'd got one missed call and a couple of WhatsApp messages.

To cut a long story short one of my team had tested positive for 'you know what' and therefore I was needed in work. The member of staff who tested positive is absolutely fine and only has a runny nose. I got myself sorted and arrived in work about 30 minutes late but before we opened the doors to the children.

Once all the children had arrived we looked at the number of staff to children and I was able to head home around 10.30am. I managed to get a couple of small admin jobs completed so my short amount of time in work was put to good use.

Once home I actually did a little more work as I now needed to amend our time sheets to allow for staff being off for the next few days, for staff working extra to cover and then to calculate sick pay. The annoying thing was that our government website which provides information for employers in relation to staff being off ill with covid was quoting sick pay rates for the last tax year rather than the year we are in now. Thanks to a Google search I was able to find the correct ratesm and while the difference was only penniesm it really wasn't good enough that a government run website is quoting out of date figures!

Simon and I managed a brisk walk out at lunchtime with 2.4 miles in 43 minutes being completed.

 After a spot of lunch Simon was back to work and I had the afternoon to myself. I got caught up on a few household tasks and then spent some time with my latest jigsaw.

And while Simon jumped on the exercise bike this evening for his 45 minute, zone two, workout I set about making tonights dinner; low carb moussaka.

Yummy, just what was needed on a cold winters evening!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, 20 January 2022

Day 674

Day 674...

Thursday once more and another day of a mix of work and home.

Work was focused around myself and my deputy getting our heads together to catch up on the meeting I attended yesterday as well as looking forward to an inset day next week.

At home this afternoon I will confess to a little more pre-school work as I wanted to get all the invoices that I'd created yesterday emailed out. I'd also got a couple of spreadsheets that I wanted to update along with an email to respond to. I have the day off tomorrow and so wanted to make sure I was on top of everything.

Because we are updating the flooring in Molly's old room we had someone out today to measure up the space and to give us a quote. We are having the same wood floor as we have in the rest of the house and this will be the catalyst for us to move forward with the room and turn it into a study/craft room.

I was then able to spend a few minutes moving pieces around on my jigsaw; I'd hoped the natural light would help me along but all it did was highlight a couple of errors from last night! 

When Simon finished work we headed out in the cold to the 'gym'. I must admit nipping out to our gym in the garage is so much more preferable to jumping in the car, driving to the gym, struggling to find a car parking space, walking in the cold to get to the gym from the car park and then having to wait for the right equipment to become free. So we did our weights workout and I tried a couple of new exercises under Simon's guidance. I'm quite pleased with my efforts at the moment as I'm now able to use my heaviest weights for more sets than I have done previously.

Right time to cook some steak for dinner and I'll see you tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Day 673

Day 673...

Middle of the week and although it was my usual Wednesday with a morning of work and an afternoon off I was actually working from home today.

I had an online meeting to attend and so it was easier to do that from home where it's quieter and has fewer distractions. Either side of the meeting I was able to get on top of lots of admin bits and pieces.

By the end of the morning I'd spent an hour and a half in a meeting and made appropriate notes and saved some useful links; I'd created invoices for next months pre-school fees; I'd updated some spreadsheets, I'd completed data input as requested by our county council and I'd kept on top of emails. So all in all a pretty productive morning.

I'd also been chatting with Molly online, arranging a date for coffee with an old friend and connecting via Instagram with a fitness and healthy eating advocate!

Then because I was at home for the day we decided to make the most of the dry and bright, but chilly, day and take a walk out at lunchtime. Our first lunchtime walk in a while and we managed 2.45 miles in 45 minutes.

My next job was to collect my dad to take him to the garage so that he could pick up his car. He'd had problems with his car before Christmas which had resulted in the fuel pump being replaced and the car being returned to him just after New Year. He'd had the car back only a couple of days before it started to play up again. So after being in the garage for another ten days he was finally able to get it home today. Apparently the problem this time was the starter motor. Now this is a Jaguar garage and the customer experience inside the showroom was lovely, very personal and attentive; just a shame that the car hasn't performed as well as the showroom!

Back home and I grabbed a coffee before taking the time to jump on the exercise bike. Both Simon and I are trying to get on the bike in between gym workouts and at the moment Simon is doing way better at that than me! But I was back on today and did 45 minutes of zone two training. 

With that out the way it was time for more coffee and some jigsaw chill out time while Simon took his turn on the bike.

The great news today is that England will be rolling back all it's current covid restrictions to plan A, whatever that is? But it means that masks will no longer be required and they are scraping the vaccine passport system from next week (why not now I don't know?), but thankfully they are removing the need for children to wear mask in schools as from tomorrow. So we have a glimmer of good news...please let this be a glimmer of getting back to something like the normal that we used to know.

And that is my post for today, all that is left to do is to watch the latest episode of The Book of Boba Fett. See you tomorrow.


Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Day 672

Day 672...

A Tuesday once more and a pretty uneventful day, so I think this will be a short post today.

The morning was spent in work and was split between catching up with my deputy manager and the usual admin stuff; spreadsheets, emails and banking.

I arrived home to catch up with Simon's day so far as he was on his lunch break and then I had the afternoon to myself. It was the first time in a long while that I didn't have anything specific to do and I was at a bit of a loss.

But rallying around I decided to get on top of the laundry and ironing; exciting I know right?! But as I'd had a phone call from my dad asking me to take him to the garage to collect his car tomorrow I thought I'd best get that out the way today. 

I'd then got a little task of setting up some tweets for the Disney Dream Girls podcast that I co-host. Each week we set up a number of tweets to promote the show to try to increase our number of listeners. I use 'tweetdeck' so that I can write and schedule all the tweets for a number of days, and because we have listeners here in the UK and over in the US I have to make sure that I hit all the right time zones!

The jigsaw then beckoned so with a fresh coffee in hand I spent a little time sorting through pieces and actually managed to get a couple of smaller sections completed, much to my surprise.

We then finished off the day with a chilly weights workout in our 'gym'. I'm trying to get about a 30 minute workout in a couple of times a week and then supplementing that with a couple of days on the exercise bike. Although I am struggling to fit in the bike at the moment!

And with that I will sign off and see you all tomorrow.