Friday, 18 September 2020

New Bedroom!

Day 184...

Last day of the working week for me, and a day in work as well.

Work was pretty much standard stuff; sorting emails, filing, prepping for new starters and a little bit of banking. In fact nothing very much to report.

On getting home I could hear our bedroom fitter busy vacuuming away which meant that the work was almost complete. I'd not long grabbed a coffee when I got the nod that everything was complete.

We now have three lovely new fitted wardrobes and a free standing dressing table. Although the fitter had done a fab job of cleaning everywhere it still needed another wipe down, which actually took me way longer than I thought it would. And as Simon was working late this evening we have decided that we will put everything back in the bedroom tomorrow when we have more time and can take the time to put all our stuff away in an organised manner.

The talk of today is whether or not we are entering a second peak of Coronavirus, and debate as to whether the country is about to go into some sort of mini, two week, lockdown...but whatever happens it sounds like schools will remain open and people will still be able to go to work. I suppose yet again we will have to wait and see what this government decide to do, and from when, and then see if that makes any difference or not. It can really feel like we are just flapping about without any real sense of a plan of any kind!

All we can do is try and do our bit and stay as safe as we can; so keep your distance and wear a mask.
Take care out there.

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Work & Wardrobes

Day 183...

Back to actual work today amid more news of another pupil at the local senior school testing positive for coronavirus causing the closure of their sixth form unit.

My day was fairly standard with sorting emails and banking and getting all the prep work done for a new starter next week.

The day at work finished off with our first parent committee meeting of the new school year. As a registered charity pre-school we follow a constitution that requires us to be managed by a committee that is made up of primarily parents. The committee is there to keep the pre-school in check, to make sure we are following all the correct rules and regulations as well as helping us to raise lots of money. Although we receive government funding and some of our parents pay fees it is not enough to keep us going and so each year we raise as much money as we can so that we can carry on at the highest of standards and provide great care and education to all the children that attend.

So this afternoon we got together to elect the committee for this year and plan our way forward with fundraising activities. We are very aware that some of our usual fundraising won't be able to take place this year as they involve lots of people coming together in a confined space! But we have ideas for celebrating Halloween by having a week devoted to all things Halloween; with fancy dress, games, treats and a creative competition. I have a contact at our local ASDA store called Jon, who is lovely and always does his best to help and support us, so I have reached out to him to see if he can provide some prizes and maybe even visit to do some socially distanced judging!

This did mean I was later home than usual and by the time I got in our bedroom fitter had left for the day but we now have all 3 wardrobes up and some of the fittings in place. Fingers crossed one more day tomorrow and we should have our new bedroom.

I jumped on the laptop once I had a coffee and typed up the minutes from our committee meeting and emailed that out to all who attended. I also sent Jon at ASDA an email to see if they can help in our endeavours to raise a few pennies. This did mean that it was just Simon and Molly who went 'down the gym' tonight as I was still typing away.

Today's little bonus was a free tub of ice-cream from the dairy that deliver my milk and eggs. During the early part of lockdown when getting eggs from my supermarket of choice was tricky to say the least I started using a local dairy that would deliver fresh milk and eggs to my door...they also happen to do some amazing ice-cream as well. So during lockdown we treated ourselves occasionally to some ice-cream but have continued to have milk and eggs delivered weekly. I am proud and happy that I can continue to support a small local business that chose to diversify during lockdown to keep their business going. As a reward this week they sent out free tubs of ice-cream to customer's spending a certain amount and I was lucky enough to be one of those customers!

Think I might stop typing now and have some of that ice-cream...just to make sure it's okay of course!

Take care out there, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Wardrobes & Ebay

Day 182...

Today was day 1 of our new wardrobes being fitted so we were all up and ready for the day.

The fitter arrived just before 9am and got straight on with the job at hand and by the end of the day he had the framework for 2 of the three wardrobes up and some of the fittings in place for one of them. He reckons he will need two more days to get the job completed.

We had another butchers delivery just before 10.30am which saw me and Molly splitting 100 sausages and 4.5kg of smoked back bacon into smaller parcels. As a treat I'd ordered some of their black pudding as well as some wild boar sausage!

The rest of my day has been mainly taken up with listing more items for sale on Ebay. I had about 9 or so items all ready to be listed and then after finding some more boxes I was able to get another 8 listed this afternoon. Just a long process of photographing everything, working out the postage and figuring out what details to list. This is where the beauty of the internet comes in as I discovered a piece of pottery that I thought was relatively contemporary actually dates back to the mid 1950's!

I had a little work to deal with as well, nothing major just a few queries and a few tweaks to sort. And Molly had her usual karate this evening.

So it's been a busy and productive day but at the same time relatively quiet.

Take care out there.

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Day 181

Day 181...

Today has been a work day, and although the weather has been lovely I spent most of my day inside.

Lots of catching up on emails, organising our annual pre-school photo morning for next month (fingers crossed) and getting prepped for our AGM & Committee meeting on Thursday.

We had much discussion over our staff uniform today as we are all a little concerned about keeping warm this winter. Our building is not the warmest and having to keep doors and windows open to ensure good ventilation will not help. So we need to think about layering up and buying new bits of uniform if needed.

Once home and changed I decided to make the most of today's sunshine and top up my vitamin D while enjoying a coffee outside and catching up with my own social media and emails. It was then out to the post office to send the last of the current batch of Ebay sales on their I just need to find the time to get some more items listed.

We have had all the component parts for our new wardrobes delivered today and so our bedroom is currently full of boxes ready for installation tomorrow. We have an early 8am start tomorrow and not sure just yet how many days the installation will take but all being well by the end of the week we should have our 'new bedroom'.

Our new bedroom in boxes!!
We enjoyed a short trip to the 'gym' tonight...although our gym has become a little more compact as the space has now been invaded by our old wardrobes! But we still managed to get done what we wanted.

So we are struggling to get tests now...yet we are all supposed to be out in the community going to work and going to school but should we have symptoms we can't find out if we have 'it' but just have to lock ourselves away for 14 days...just in case! Would it not have been a good idea to get a testing system working that could cope with the inevitably surge in testing once everyone did what the government told them to do and went back to work, the pub and school?! Or is that just too obvious?

Along with the new guidelines of 'no more than 6' that came in yesterday, but was preceded over the weekend with photos and video of people hosting parties or going out in large groups as 'one last blowout' before the new rules come into force. Do people not get it? Do they not think that in a couple of weeks time they could be suffering from the consequences of that 'one last blow out'? I really am quite disheartened by it all at the moment as there really feels like there is no end in sight and that the powers that be don't really seem to have much control over any of it, let alone any idea of how to deal with it!

I will carry on doing all that I can to follow the rules and reduce my risk and just hope that everyone else does the same! Stay safe out there, keep your distance and wear a mask.

Monday, 14 September 2020

A Busy Monday

 Day 180...

Well as is usual for a Monday the first job of the day was to collect our grocery shopping, get it home, unpack it, wipe it down, wash the fruit and veggies, throw away any packaging and pack it all away!

Fueled by a coffee we then embarked on the main task for the day which was to clear our bedroom of all furniture. We moved two drawer units into the living room along with the mattress from our bed (guess where we're sleeping the next few nights!) and two wardrobes were moved into the garage.

We had to move our sofa to make room for everything in the living room which was no straight forward job as our sofa has storage under the seats and the only way we could physically move it was to empty all the storage first! We discovered a number of board games, the majority of which were variations of Monopoly, and all of which belonged to Ethan. Suffice to say they are now in Ethan's room!

Once the furniture had been cleared out and the room was empty we had to remove some of the carpet. As we have not got our new flooring sorted just yet we are keeping the carpet for the short term but have removed it from the areas where our new built-in wardrobes will be going. Having removed some of the carpet we then had a trip out to our local recycling centre to get rid of said bits of carpet!

Next job of the day was to make a start on sorting out the Ebay sales that had happened yesterday and first thing this morning so it was out with the parcel and 'fragile' tape to start packaging. I think I managed about 8 or 9 before it was time to take Molly to her karate lesson.

After dropping Molly off at karate we came home via the Post Office to drop off the took longer than we would have liked as the woman in the queue before us didn't seem to know what she was doing! We then got home for Simon to quickly go up a ladder and touch up some decorating from the other week before dashing out the door again to go fetch Molly.

It was then home to cook dinner, keto chicken parmesan with fried green beans, followed by writing this blog, chatting with friends via WhatsApp and wrapping six more parcels ready for sending out tomorrow.

We have heard today that the local senior school, the one both Molly and Ethan attended, has a reported case of Coronavirus in a what happens now? Now it is so close to home it will be interesting to see the knock-on effect and how this will affect us all going forward. But like everything with this virus only time will tell and all we can do in the meantime is take as much care as we possibly can.

Stay safe out there, wash your hands, keep your distance and wear a mask!

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Sleepy Sunday

Day 179...

Today has been a pretty ordinary and quiet sort of Sunday.

The day started with my usual online grocery shop, updating it ready for collection tomorrow. Along with an online butchers order that will come later this week.

I have been watching some of my Ebay listings as a fair few finished over the course of the day which now means I have more items to package up and take to the post office.

We had a little catch-up with Molly sat outside enjoying the sunshine with a coffee. Her boyfriend has gone back home today so we were filling each other in on what we had all been up to the last couple of weeks while she had been away.

There were a couple more bags of unwanted clothes and shoes to drop off at our local hospice clothes bank as well as a courtesy stop by our other house to make sure all is well and pick up any relevant post, which there wasn't.

Another coffee outside in the sunshine to soak up some more vitamin D while I carried on reading some more of Dr Aseem Malhotra's 21 Day Immunity Plan explaining why sugar and carbohydrates are so bad for our health and how reducing or eliminating them can have profound affects to our metabolic health.

The afternoon...early evening...was rounded out with our usual Sunday Disney quiz hosted by the podcast I co-host (Disney Dream Girls). It was, as it always is, great fun and simply a pleasure to chat with like-minded individuals from around the world. Paul did an amazing job with his questions and although me and Molly only got 5 points we learnt loads of interesting Disney facts!

A quiet day before a very busy week ahead!

Stay safe out there, whatever you are up to. Keep you distance, wear a mask and take acre.

Saturday, 12 September 2020

Good Friends and A Spot of Tidying

Day 178 

It has been a lovely day today, the weather was great and most importantly we got to meet up in person with my very good friend and fellow podcaster Michelle.

We were meeting Michelle at a local cafe and this was a great excuse to get a little dressed up and put on proper make-up for a change, something that has taken a bit of a back seat over these last few months. The good thing was we were able to grab a table outside in the sunshine, have a few coffees and a good old catch-up. And although Michelle and I talk every week either when we record our podcast or when we have our weekly Sunday evening Disney quiz via Zoom it was so good to actually see each other in person, and it felt like it was only yesterday that we had seen each other.

Michelle was on her way to get some more ink added to her Tangled tattoo and so we took advantage of her being close to where we live to meet up...and of course we both had Disney themed face masks!

Once home we had another coffee, sat outside in the sunshine, while we planned our attack for the afternoon. We have just started watching Marie Kondo on Netflix and today her book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up' arrived and we are really loving the approach to 'tidying', decluttering and reorganising. This afternoon's task was to 'tidy' our clothes as part of our new bedroom happening this week and this involved getting out ALL our clothes and making one big pile before going through every item to decide whether or not it should stay or go.
Just a few items to go through!!
By the time we had gone through everything we had 11 bin bags to go to our local hospice clothes bank. The idea is to handle each item and decide whether or not that item brings you joy and although I don't think I really did that it certainly gave me the freedom to let go of things that I would have otherwise have kept on the premise that 'it may be useful' or 'it's too good to throw away'. 

We are also adopting the Marie Kondo way of folding your clothes so that everything is folded into a small parcel which means that everything you own can be seen when opening a drawer rather than being squished at the bottom of a pile. I must admit I was very skeptical about what Marie Kondo was advocating and thought it may have been a bit too 'woo' and was aimed at simply throwing everything away and going very minimalist but I have been very pleasantly surprised and am now very keen to watch the remaining episodes and read the book in full.

Well I best stop writing this blog post as I still have all my newly folded clothes to put away!

Stay safe, wear a mask, keep your distance and take care.