Monday, 29 November 2021

Day 621

Day 621...

And we have a Monday and as usual it was a non-work day for Simon and I. Ethan was back at work after a week off, although as he is still working from home it made little difference.

The day started off very relaxed and that set the tone for pretty much the rest of the day. We sat with a coffee or two and enjoyed watching a You Tube presentation all about the 'fast pass' system employed over the years at Walt Disney World and other Disney parks. Absolutely fascinating and very enlightening on how these systems are developed and implemented; totally appealed to the geek in me.

We also had a phone call from our 'ground-works' crew apologising about not being able to get to us yesterday! Obviously the change in weather had impacted what they were able to do and we appreciated that circumstances were out of their control. But they have said they will get to us this week as soon as the weather allows! Fingers crossed we can get everything sorted this week so that maybe, perhaps, with fingers and toes crossed we can finally take delivery of our new electric car next week!

We then took a short drive out through our, still snowy, village to our local Lidl...

...where we picked up a few bits and bobs along with some more Christmas decorations! Well, they were just too good a deal to pass up; some outdoor, battery operated snowflake shaped stake lights. So I bought three sets to go in our courtyard garden. And bonus when I got home and went to test them I found that they came supplied with batteries!! I've not been able to put them out today as the snow has lingered about for most of the day but with milder weather for overnight forecast I should be able to get them in place tomorrow afternoon.
New lights!!!
After a spot of lunch I decided to have a quick tidy around our 'cupboard under the stairs'. We have a large cupboard space in the kitchen that is great for housing cleaning stuff and more but always seems to be overcrowded and awkward to get to things. A few weeks ago I'd bought some new storage boxes from Ikea specifically for re-organsing this cupboard but hadn't had the time. Well in about half an hour this afternoon I'd cleared out what we no longer needed, swapped over storage boxes and created extra space; so much so that I can now walk into this cupboard which I could never do before. Mission accomplished.

Th rest of the day was spent in a very chilled and relaxed manner; Simon was happily creating more digital art and I was happy to potter with my Christmas jigsaw.

Back to work tomorrow!

Sunday, 28 November 2021

Day 620

Day 620...

Another Sunday and a bit of an earlier start than usual. This was for two reasons; one we were due to have the ground-works completed today ahead of the electrics being installed for our electric car charging point and two we had more Christmas decorating to do!

As Molly and Dan were heading back down South today just after lunch we wanted to use the morning to complete all the remaining bits of Christmas decorating. Yesterday evening we had managed to complete the decorating of our Disney Christmas tree along with putting out a lot of various ornaments that I have collected over the years.

Disney themed Christmas tree

This Mickey Mouse Christmas stocking is probably one of my very first Disney Christmas purchases and has been well used over the years. Ethan adopted it when he was little but now it is simply hung as a decoration...guessing it is around 25 years old at least!
Just a few of my Disney this Christmas Carol playset - too cute!

Even R2D2 is getting all festive!
We then had two further trees to decorate this morning...

Black and silver themed tree that lives in my hall

We call this our quirky Santa tree that sits in our dining area

More ornaments to compliment the quirky Santa tree
...this tree in my dining area started out many years ago with a few 'quirky' Santa's by the designer Gisela Graham. I just fell in love with the unusal style and have, over the years, bought ornaments to match.

It was then time to see Molly and Dan off on their way home; the next time we will see them now will be Christmas!

By now it was early afternoon and we had not seen any sign of our ground-works team appearing and Simon and I had commented that if they didn't turn up soon they would run out of daylight. At that same time I commented that it had gone very grey...about twenty minutes later we had snow...a pretty decent amount of snow!

And suffice to say, of course, no ground-works team ever appeared - first job of tomorrow will be to chase them and find out what's happening and when!

We then had a very relaxed afternoon with Simon doing some digital drawing and me making a start on my first Christmas jigsaw this year.
One edge piece missing - argh!

And to round out this Sunday evening it was keto pizza time...

...while looking out into our very festive garden!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, 27 November 2021

Day 619

Day 619...

Well it is rather late in the day and I've still got stuff to do so this may be a quick post.

The morning started with breakfast and snow...yes we had snow this morning and for a while it came down quite heavy leaving everywhere looking very festive. 

As Molly and Dan had arrived home yesterday Simon had decided to cook up a treat and he'd made a batch of waffle mix so that this morning we could have Mickey waffles for breakfast.

Mickey waffle maker

Mickey waffles!!!
The first job of the day was to help Molly and Dan load up Dan's car with some of Molly's stuff that we hadn't been able to take with us when she moved out a few weeks ago. Thankfully the snow had stopped but everywhere was very slushy and very cold.

We then decided to carry on working outside as we were already cold and put up our Christmas lights. I have had to come up with a slightly different way of doing things this year as our new windows will not let me feed cables through as I've done before so I am having to use just the two outdoor sockets that we have. But I've been able to get the majority of lights plugged in and so my back garden is looking pretty festive.

Although I did have a slight mishap when I accidentally cut through a cable (thankfully not plugged in)...oops! This meant I was one set of lights short so I then had the brainwave to re-purpose the lights that are normally hung along the front of the house. I'm not able to put any along the front of the house this year as we don't have any outdoor sockets that side of the house.

The finished results;

Then this afternoon we dropped Molly off at her old kickboxing academy as she was helping out with their black belt grading as we then collected our grocery shopping before heading home to carry on with more Christmas decorating.

Back home and we had a few bits to finish off outside before me and Dan spent a couple of hours assembling my three trees; one in the dining area, one in the hall and my main one in the living room. We have all the decorations out and now have the task of deciding where they should go and decorating the trees...think this maybe a job for tomorrow!

And with a much deserved Indian take-away that was our Saturday.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, 26 November 2021

Day 618

Day 618...

It's Friday and the start of what, on paper, should be a busy weekend!

But it was my usual Friday in work and it was filled with admin, banking, emails and an online meeting thrown in just for good measure; a day with lots achieved.

Arriving home, and with a coffee poured, it was back onto the laptop as I needed to complete an email to my deputy manager as part of our handover, as well as complete a couple of newsletters to send out. With the work stuff completed I was then able to finish off my online grocery shopping as we are picking it up tomorrow afternoon, a day earlier than normal.

Then it was back to more pre-school work as there were a ton of updates that needed applying to the online learning journal system that we use and that took way longer than I thought it was going to. But I have managed to get everything work related that I wanted to get done, done this evening.

Last weekend we brought down all of our Christmas decorations out of the loft and today it was time to move them out of Molly's old room and downstairs ready for the aforementioned busy weekend ahead.

Molly and Dan are home for the weekend (still travelling as I type this) and there are two reasons for them coming home this weekend. One is that Molly is helping out at her old kickboxing academy with their black belt grading and although she isn't grading it has always been the responsibility of non-grading black belts to assist at gradings. Molly had helped out at the first part of the grading a few weeks ago and had said she was happy to come back and help out again at the second and final part of the grading.

The other reason...and if we're being honest the most important that this is the weekend that is on the calendar to put up our Christmas decorations...

See it is literally on my calendar (as it is every year!)

...and despite no longer living at home I am not allowed to decorate without Molly! Over the years it has become the ladies of the family that have taken the lead with the Christmas decorating and for now it is staying as one of our traditions...a girl thing if you will...that we want to continue with.

So to get everything done this weekend, in the hours that are available, it is going to have to be a bit of a military style operation I think. We have coordinated collecting our grocery shopping with when Molly is at the black belt grading already so that we have as much time as we can to devote to the Christmas decorating. After all we have outdoor lights to put up plus we have three Christmas trees as well as numerous ornaments and other decorations around the house, so getting our house decorated is never a quick job!

Hopefully tomorrow I will have pictures to share of what we have been able to achieve - wish me luck!

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, 25 November 2021

Day 617

Day 617...

And we have a Thursday and another full day in work for fact my second of three full days this week which is not my usual working pattern.

It was a straight forward sort of work day with the usual admin bits and bobs; updating the banking, responding to emails and drafting a couple of newsletters.

It's a busy old time at pre-school as we are about to start with all things Christmas. We have a concert to rehearse, festive baking activities planned and a Christmas party to round out the term and never mind our Christmas fundraising activities too! So part of my day was getting newsletters prepped to remind our parents of all the things that are happening and when.

We are also having a bit of a tidy and re-organisation at pre-school so part of my day was going through a few cupboards to get them better organised and more user friendly. We still have more work to do but we have started and are aiming to get a little more done each day.

I stopped by the post office on my way home to send off my Christmas gift exchange parcel that I am involved with as part of the Disney Dream Girls podcast family group. And as luck would have it the person I've been paired with in the US messaged me overnight to say that she too had posted her parcel to me! Let's see how long these parcels take to travel between the US and the UK...I wonder who will get theirs first?!

At home and with a freshly poured coffee I sat down at the laptop and carried on with a little more work. I had an email to write that I'd just not had chance to do earlier but wanted it to get sent today. And as it is payday tomorrow I'd got all the payslips to organise for the team. 

And on a personal front I managed to rearrange our dentist appointments as we'd had a reminder for our upcoming visit next week but we decided that we could afford to move it till after Christmas. 

But we also have a little positive news as the company who we approached about doing some electrical work for us to enable us to have a charging point for our new electric car have given us a date....Sunday!! So this Sunday will be very busy as they are coming to dig up part of our car parking area, lay some ducting and re-tarmac ready for the electrics to be installed at some point next week. Finally it looks like we will be in a position to actually take delivery of our new could be an early Christmas present!

Our day was rounded out with a very chilly trip to our gym and I did remark to Simon that I may need some gloves as the weights are very cold and as I suffer a little with Raynauds I could see a couple of my fingers begin to turn white!

Well that was my day and while I've been typing Simon has been cooking up a little secret project...that may get revealed tomorrow!!

See you all then.

Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Day 616

Day 616...

The middle of the week has rolled around once more and today we were back to my usual half a day in work and half a day at home.

My work morning was pretty standard, a chance for me and my deputy to catch up, the usual banking and admin bits and pieces along with emails to write and respond to. We are busy organising our Christmas raffle and have just received a prize of tickets to a local pantomime, which is fantastic but then we realised the tickets were dated before we were due to hold the raffle! A quick change of plans and an email sent out to let everyone know that the raffle is being brought forward a week, which resulted in a flurry of people wanting to buy tickets!

On the way home I stopped off at my local Lidl for a few essentials for home as well as some wrapping paper for pre-school. We have a Christmas party at the end of term and we always give the children a present...well we have the presents and now need the wrapping so that we can get everything prepped way ahead of time.

And talking of wrapping that was the first thing I did when I got home. The Disney Dream Girls podcast has a special group page on Facebook called our 'Family' page and last year we did a Christmas gift exchange and this year we have decided to do it again. I have drawn a lovely lady in the US and we have chatted over messenger to figure out our likes and dislikes so that we can send each other a little Christmas surprise. Nothing too expensive as the postage overseas can sometimes cost more than the gift! But this is all about making connections and spreading a little Disney love. I have bought a few bits and pieces over the last week or so and had a collection of some Disney items along with some quintessential English treats. I wrapped every piece up individually, lined a box with some old Disney store packaging, threw in a few Mickey sprinkles and then wrapped the whole box before sealing it in brown paper. It is now already to go, I've even bought and printed out the postage so just need to get to a post office in the next day or so to send it on its way.

I then had a couple of work emails to deal with along with a rather lengthy one to send out. I'd also got a payment to make which involved three phone calls; getting cut off once, being told I needed to speak to a different department but that I would have to hang up and ring again and then finally getting through. Twenty minutes later the payment was made!

It was then time to do a little prep work ahead of recording this week's podcast with my friend Michelle. We actually managed to get two shows recorded; one for this coming Sunday and another special show for our Patreon supporters.

And now I need to stop typing, make a cup of tea, grab some chocolate and settle down to watch the start of the newest Marvel series, Hawkeye!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Day 615

Day 615...

Today was Tuesday and it was back to work today and it was a full day in work rather than just my usual morning as I was working extra to cover a colleague's absence.

So it was a day of admin, emails, banking and even some time working directly with the children. Suffice to say it was a productive day in work.

But once back home I picked up a couple of work emails which meant that I spent the next hour or so doing yet more pre-school work! But I also had some time to get a little online retail shopping done as I made a start on some Christmas present shopping.

Before I knew it Simon had finished work for the day and so it was time to head down 'our gym'...probably one of the coldest days so far. But with the garage door closed and a small fan heater going it actually wasn't too bad.

And that was this Tuesday but this time 36 years ago it was a Saturday and was the start of Simon and mine's partnership as this was the day we met in a local nightclub. A night out that was completely unplanned; I'd had an invite to go out but I was in two minds and my dad made the decision for me telling me to 'go out'. It then turned out that the person I was out with that night knew Simon and that was how we met. We danced the night away and that was the start of what we have today; my best friend, my soul mate and we get stronger together as time goes by.

With that I shall sign off and see you all tomorrow.